Improve Your Financial Life Simply and Automatically

Improve Your Financial Life Simply and Automatically


Are the bills and bills on the cards late? Do you want to improve your financial life? You always promise to do away with all of them but it seems you never have the time or money for this .. When bills are not paid then comes the interest rates and penalties for delays that start turning the small debt into a snowball giant. The next step is to become negative, have the dirty name on SPC and Serasa and your credit score goes to the worst level possible.


How to improve your financial life?

Have you ever experienced such a problem? Fortunately there is a way to avoid problems like this: the first step is to automate payments for at least some bills and invoices – and organize some loose ends with debt to improve your financial life while reorganizing your finances.

Banks, personal loan websites, credit platforms and alternative financing have improved their offers for borrowing money and digital services. At that point they have nudged customers with proposals for all budgets and economic profiles.

There is no cheap loan, there are financial transactions are cheaper and others more expensive, but that also offers some benefit for you, especially by financing the term the money you have access on time. Here is a short list for financial automation:

Salary account with direct deposit

Ask for employer to place your salary in direct deposit into bank account automatically. This makes your money available and still saves you comings and goings to the ATM.

In addition, many financial institutions will waive fees and some monthly fees for customers using the direct deposit account. (Some banks have minimum thresholds, so make sure you qualify.)

Payment of bills, tickets, bills and invoices

This is the next most logical step. Set up your account, bill, ticket and invoice payments electronically through your bank’s website. You will need the auto debit code for each company you wish to pay.

For bills like home mortgage, and vehicle financing, it is best to keep automatic payments as well. Just make sure that you always have enough balance in your account to cover it costs.

If you are disciplined and organized always check all the payments to make sure that there was no problem with the automatic discount system, that is, after the account of any creditor or service provider is scheduled to be paid, check that the transaction happened as planned.

Most current accounts have no credit limit or overdraft and will not make payments if the account has no funds. If this is your case, you can set up your automatic payments by credit card. This allows you to consolidate countless monthly bills into a single credit card statement.


Use financial control website or online application

If you use financial control software link your checking account and credit card bills so that all your bills and expenses are categorized and easy to track in one place.


Savings or private pensions

Savings or private pensions


Most companies that offer a retirement plan with private pension or retirement savings make it easy to divert the value of the portion of each direct payment from your checking account automatically.

Be sure to think about this easy and valuable savings solution. If you save, say 10% of your salary to maintain a retirement or private retirement savings, you will not pay income taxes.


Invest to balance lifestyle


Invest to balance lifestyle

It is not enough just to pay your bills in days and automate every personal financial system or your family. All this will generate savings and this economy needs to generate more income, so the allocation of your assets must be done wisely – that is, divide your investment portfolio among different types of assets – this is an important step in the creation process of wealth.

Determine which combination is best for you to improve your financial life, but it is important to keep these combinations in the long run even when market fluctuations go haywire.


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