Lend Loan from Name to Relative

Lend Loan from Name to Relative



Loan from name to relative is more common than we think, currently a good portion of the loans granted are made to help or lend money to relatives, friends or relatives. It is also normal to lend the name to co-workers because they believe that supposed professional stability ensures the situation.  “Lending the name to other people is a very serious action! Although many say that the name is something so important that it is not lent to anyone, in real life the attitudes are very different “.


Acquiring personal loans and lending the credit card


Acquiring personal loans and <a href=lending the credit card” />


Acquiring personal loans and lending the credit card are the most common actions among people known, according to the Credit Protection Service (SPC Brazil) and the National Confederation of Shopkeepers, a good part of the consumers defaulting and especially the defaulters, this practice makes part of the social process.

Oddly enough, 20% of the defaulters admitted to borrowing the name from third parties, and of that percentage more than 90% took no precautions to avoid default. Already people who have a clean name, admit that they can even lend more not to anyone.

A friend of mine already said that three things do not lend themselves, “Money, Car or Woman”, is a bit macho, but if we look with cold blood, this is really how we could proceed.

In the current days guarding the name (CPF) against possible risks of default or misuse of the name is more important than a friendship, it will be! So much so that the number of rent agreements with guarantors has fallen absurdly.

The great fact is that 70% of the cases in which friends lend their names, become negative or have to pay for the loss left by the aided beggar. The champions of accusations for using someone else’s name are the ex-wife and ex-husband, this is nothing new!

Our universally correct advice is “Do not lend name to financial transactions,” simply to avoid problems and loss of friendship.

If you can not evade your friend or relative’s request, be cautious and at the very least formalize a contract between the parties, take pre-dated checks in value or issue a promissory note.

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