11 days after her return, Princess Charlene is in a treatment center

– Members of Monaco’s royal family greeted the public on the micro-state’s national holiday on Friday, but Princess Charlene, who returned less than two weeks ago after six months in South Africa, was absent. Her husband, the head of state Albert II, tells People that Charlene seeks treatment at a facility outside Monaco for “both mental and physical” exhaustion. Vanity Show reports that the 43-year-old princess has been suffering from medical problems since at least May, when complications from previous sinus surgery forced her to extend a visit to her homeland for months and undergo several more surgeries. Unable to fly for months, she missed her 10-year marriage and the Monaco Grand Prix.

Albert, 63, says it became apparent within hours of Charlene’s return that she was not doing well. “She was overwhelmed and could not cope with official duties, life in general, or even family life,” he says. People. He says his absence has nothing to do with rumors of issues in their relationship. “Because I know there are rumors, let me say: this is not COVID,” the prince said. “And it’s not related to cancer. It’s not a personal relationship issue. And if you want to discuss another speculation, it’s not related to plastic surgery or facial work at all. . ” He says she is being treated outside Monaco – a principality of less than 40,000 in an area smaller than Central Park in New York City – for privacy reasons.

The royal household announced a few days ago that Charlene would be out of public sight for weeks, “giving her time to recover from a state of deep general fatigue”. He says his 6-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, “miss him, of course, but they get it.” Charlene posted to Instagram on Friday for the first time since posting a family photo after arriving in Monaco on November 8. Friday Message the undisclosed location featured the flag and national anthem of Monaco. (Read more stories from Monaco.)

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