Adams vacationed in Monaco


One person who was familiar with the trip said the Democratic mayoral candidate did not want to publicize his whimsical taste after touting his hard roots during the election campaign. | Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Eric Adams’ whereabouts outside of the election campaign have been a source of mystery and intrigue for political insiders for months.

Now POLITICO can report that he spent his summer vacation living the high life in exclusive Monaco – a small country on the French Riviera known for its natural beauty and decadence. Lonely Planet travel site describes it as “a magnet for big guys and hedonists since the turn of the 20th century.”

Adams, who won the Democratic mayoral primary in June, took off for Monaco after a wave of Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard fundraisers in July and August, three sources knowing his whereabouts confirmed to POLITICO.

Adams visited the famous Monte Carlo casino, but his assistant said he had not gambled. He also cruised on a yacht but did not stay on board, the aide said, adding that Adams paid for each part of his trip.

“Eric visited Monaco as part of his family vacation and enjoyed the trip,” spokesman Evan Thies said.

At the time of the trip, he and his staff were typically protective of every detail of Adams’ personal life. “Eric is on a long-delayed personal trip (…) to Europe with his family. Honestly, the staff can’t believe it,” Thies told reporters in mid-August. He said the trip lasted just four days – Monday through Friday – and declined to name the specific destination.

One person who was familiar with the trip said Adams did not want to publicize his whimsical taste after touting his hardscrabble roots during the election campaign. “I didn’t go to Harvard and Yale. I went to CUNY and jail,” he said said during the campaign, in a thinly veiled dig against several of his Ivy-educated opponents.

“A blue collar mayor, eh? Joked a Democratic agent.

Another person familiar with the trip, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said: “He was in Monaco, frolicking and living life on the French Riviera while talking about inequality.”

Adams’ transition team has made it clear that he has no plans to share details about his personal life. Even where he sleeps remains a mystery.

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