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As the year draws to a close, everyone looks back to assess the successes and failures, the happy and difficult times, and remember the events that marked the times now gone. Royal families are now different. And for the small Principality of Monaco, 2021 was undoubtedly a difficult year, marked in a significant way by the prolonged absence of Princess Charlene who made the world news.

And yet the year has started on a positive note. Following the Sovereign Prince’s COVID-19 diagnosis in 2020, a vaccine was on the horizon, and it seemed that the small principality was surviving the consequences of lockdowns and travel restrictions that deprived it of its main income: tourism.

But then, in May, Princess Charlene left for South Africa for a trip that was only to last about ten days. She ended up staying in the country where she grew up for six months. And meanwhile, speculation around his predicament has become the world headlines.

The princess developed a severe ear, nose and throat infection soon after arriving, which prevented her from flying. The pandemic meant it was impossible to travel across Africa, and continued treatment and surgery further prolonged his absence. However, despite the family’s best efforts, rumors of a serious strain in his relationship with Prince Albert began to circulate, so much so that the prince was repeatedly forced to deny them in public talks, and Princess Charlene has done her best to dispel them with media messages.

In July 2021, Albert and Charlene celebrated ten years of marriage on different continents. The princess expressed “extreme sadness” that she missed her wedding anniversary during such an important year. The official accounts of the princess and the princely palace released special material to mark the occasion, including a ten-part series on Facebook that contained never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage of the wedding preparations and the ceremony itself. However, speculation around their relationship escalated as their milestone anniversary came and went without a reunion.

In September, Prince Albert was forced to make the difficult decision to take his children with him on their first official trip, a two-day visit to Ireland, where they were pictured undertaking their first official engagements abroad , a meeting with Irish President Michael D Higgins and at the famous Trinity College Library in Dublin to reveal the wills of donations from Prince Albert to help restore the establishment.

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Only a few days later, the twins entered primary school for the first time accompanied only by their father, which undoubtedly left its mark on Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella as well as their parents.

Prince Albert tried to mix as best he could his official duties as head of state with his parental duties, and he has been seen on several occasions with his children in amusement parks, nature reserves and weekend retreats throughout the fall.

And then finally, on November 8, Princess Charlene returned to Monaco. Everything seemed to be back to normal, still giving the princess time to fully recover from the terrible infection in her ears, nose and throat that had kept her away from her family for so long. Instead, a few days later, she ended up checking herself in a treatment center, suffering from extreme fatigue. Her husband confirmed that she had left Monaco to seek treatment in an undisclosed location.

Days later, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella released hand-made banners as they appeared on the balcony on National Day. Standing next to their dad, they showed colorful designs that read “We love you mom” and “We miss you mom,” a clear sign of their desire for their mom.

During Princess Charlene’s absence, the rest of Prince Albert’s family came together to support him with Princess Caroline often alongside her brother, including at one of Monaco’s most treasured traditions, the ball. of the Red Cross, as well as on many other occasions, including, most recently, the National Day celebrations and the opening of the Principality’s Christmas market. She was often accompanied by at least some of her children, as was Princess Stephanie, who also made more commitments to make up for Princess Charlene’s absence.

Prince Albert’s sisters have also shown off their adoring aunt skills during engagements also involving Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. The twins are currently being educated by guardians at the Palace, a move Prince Albert directly linked to their mother’s prolonged absence, saying in an interview that the children needed more “stability”.

All in all, it has been a difficult year for the Grimaldis, who have yet untold time to face in Princess Charlene’s absence, as it is unclear when she will return to Monaco.

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