Buy LSU v Alabama VIP tickets for $1,800!

Falling into the category of “things I will never splurge on in my life on this Earth” will be a single VIP ticket to this Saturday’s LSU game as they host Alabama. Average ticket prices for this game in the upper upper section are $160 plus or minus a few dollars via However, me being the crazy one, I decided to go for the most expensive seats in the house and see what I could get with my monthly salary here at the radio station.

Section 565, Row 1 is the “next level club” according to StubHub. With your purchase, you get a true VIP pass, VIP lounge access, private VIP bar access, unlimited food, unlimited soft drinks and stunning views of the pitch. I actually found a cool 3d render of Tiger Stadium on and was able to show the view of your $1800 seats. It’s tempting, but I think I’d rather pay rent and get groceries instead.

In case you’re wondering like me, those same seats for the UAB Blazers in November are dropping to $540 each. I realize the game isn’t quite as cool, but that’s a hell of a price jump!

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