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Casinos are usually associated with bright colors and screaming slots, but not all of them meet Las Vegas standards. Gambling was once a passion reserved for the social elite, and it took place in exquisite surroundings, before the introduction of garish casino complexes, smoky bookies and extravagant buffets.

From a German betting platform that motivated and financially exhausted one of Russia’s greatest writers to the world’s oldest casino located in Venice, the very next stylish facilities are more than just relics of the past with codes. strict clothing; they offer authentic archaic adventures that truly take you back in time – all the while taking all of your tirelessly earned money on a roll of the dice.

Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is arguably the most renowned casino in Europe for poker tournaments, in part thanks to its appearances in the Bond Never Say Never, Casino Royale and GoldenEye films. The Beaux-Arts-style structure, which opened in the 1850s to generate income for the Grimaldi royal family of Monaco, is distinguished by its gilded ceilings, crystal chandeliers, murals, and tapestries.

The Casino de Monte-Carlo is not exactly a low-limit gaming room, in keeping with its elegant decor and intellectual image. To play here you don’t have to be a Saudi prince or a hedge fund manager – although you certainly are if you can afford Monaco’s exorbitant mooring fees – but you do have to follow a code. dress, pay a small supplement of 10 euros, and act with respect.

Casino in Venice, Italy

A trip to the oldest known casino is a must on every casino visit to Europe. The Casino di Venezia, located directly on the Grand Canal in Venice, officially opened in 1638 and continues to serve players. Traditionally, the structure housed the Saint-Moïse Theater, which had a play section during intermission. strongly recommends visiting this land-based casino in case you are self-excluded with AAMS online gaming operators.

This small wing, on the other hand, was a stimulus for the establishment of casinos in Venice, which grew to nearly 120 in 1744. During its long history, the structure also served as the residence of the Italian monarchy. and retirement for the composer. Richard Wagner in the mid-19th century.

Casino Wiesbaden, Germany

Even the most cautious of spenders can be tempted to part ways with the cash when a gambling hall has the allure of the majestic Casino Wiesbaden. The Casino Wiesbaden, which opened in 1771, is currently housed in the wine lounge of the Kurhaus spa house, which was once the social center of ancient Wiesbaden. Visitors will be struck by the crystal chandeliers, the cherry wood furniture and the warm and sophisticated ambience, as they were in Monte Carlo.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a well-known Russian novelist, was inspired to create his renowned work The Gambler after he lost all his casino business in 1865. The roulette wheel on which he squandered all his rubles is even displayed in a display case. at the door of the casino. Men must wear a shirt and jacket. Jeans are not allowed, although pants can be rented for an additional fee from the cloakroom. If you don’t want to walk in Dostoevsky’s footsteps, the casino has a few bars.

The Ritz Club, London

The Ritz Club of London is likely to hold the distinction of the best luxury casino in Europe. This members-only gambling den is located in the basement and former ballroom of the Ritz hotel. Inside you’ll find a game room with beautiful domed ceilings, gorgeous tapestries, red carpets, and crushed velor seats. There are even more comfortable private rooms for the big players – but everyone on this gaming forum is a heavy player.

The club was founded in 1909 and has undergone various transformations, although it has been a casino since 1977. To join the party you must complete an application and be approved by a current member. Membership is hard to come by, given that celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Dame Shirley Bassey and Kerry Packer have frequented the club. The dress code is quite strict: men must always wear a jacket and a shirt with a collar.

Casino de Spa, Belgium

Spa, in Belgium, is a great place to play. The city is not only home to one of the world’s leading gambling dens, but it is also Belgium’s leading leisure destination. The spa has been a rich resort since the 14th century, thanks to its healing cold springs. The Casino de Spa is attached to the world famous cold springs, allowing patrons to cool off after losing their shirts at the craps table.

Founded in 1763, the casino was a social center in Spa until 1789, when it fell victim to the Liège Revolution, Prohibition and a terrible fire. The structure was then rebuilt and restored to its former glory. The casino has a ballroom, a cultural center, a theater and many restaurants, including La Brasserie du Casino, which offers stunning views of the city.

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