Christine Monaco For the Burlington School Committee: Letter

The following was submitted by Doug Davidson:

Burlington currently has only two school committee members who have served more than one term. We have two members still in their first term and will see the addition of at least one new member this year. It is essential that we re-elect Christine Monaco to retain some consistency and experience as the schools and the city navigate the challenges of building needs, union contract negotiations and economic uncertainty over tax revenues as we are recovering from the pandemic.

Ms. Monaco has a long history of supporting students and faculty while remaining accountable to the taxpayer. She helped guide the district through previous MSBA-supported building projects, a challenge we now face with Fox Hill Elementary. She is committed to keeping our neighborhood elementary schools and strongly opposes the amalgamation of Fox Hill and Pine Glen into one giant school.

She has been involved in many negotiations with the teachers’ union and knows the history and understandings that developed during those negotiations. She has always supported teachers and has always been supported by teachers. Our teachers are among the highest paid in the state and we have a very low turnover rate, which provides stability within the system. We need the stability of an experienced member of the negotiating team for all parties involved.

By re-electing Christine Monaco, we are ensuring a smooth transition while continuing to add new members. It’s a big job that requires several years of learning. She has 4 children who have gone through Burlington schools and fifteen grandchildren from kindergarten to recent graduates of our schools. Please join me in voting for experience and stability. Please vote for Christine Monaco for the Burlington School Committee.


Doug Davison
Town Meeting Precinct 2, Ways and Means Committee Member

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