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Monaco has some of the most remarkable buildings in Europe, but who are the Monegasque architects behind these iconic structures? Many multi-award-winning architects have left their mark on the landscape, all in keeping with the principality’s long-standing commitment to sustainable development.

Here are some of the most popular Monegasque architects who have left an indelible impression on Monegasque real estate.

Famous architects in Monaco

Jean-Pierre Lott

Although based in Paris, Lott has two signature projects in Monaco: the wavy-looking Stella in La Condamine, one of Monte Carlo’s oldest neighborhoods, and the Villa Troglodyte, a private house built like a carved cave. in natural rock. Both stand out among Monegasque real estate, making him one of Monaco’s most famous architects.

At Stella, Lott divided the 16 floors horizontally and vertically into two zones. Clear glass from the base to the second floor envelops a school and office space, while the top 10 floors are apartments covered with a white stripe that forms ribbon-like curves.

The unique cave design of Villa Troglodyte, with its cave-shaped entrance, integrates geothermal and solar energy and collects rainwater. The house is entirely made from local recyclable materials.

Monegasque Lexotique architect Rudi Ricciotti

Rudy ricciotti

French architect Ricciotti designed the luxury cliff-side development of Jardin L’Exotique Monaco to ensure stunning sea views in a natural environment.

The landscaping includes hanging gardens and tropical foliage, with olive trees and exotic flowering plants, in keeping with the ambience of the nearby Jardin Exotique botanical garden.

Ricciotti, known as one of Monaco’s foremost contemporary architects, designed the 50 apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, clean, straight lines and natural materials, including wood and stone.

Monaco Architect Tour Odéon, Alexandre Giraldi

Alexandre giraldi

This Monegasque architect was among the designers and promoters of the iconic Tour Odéon, the tallest building in Monaco. The 49-story tower, completed in 2009, houses one of the most expensive penthouses in the world (around $ 400 million). The double skyscraper, which offers a breathtaking view of the principality, has 60 apartments and two duplexes in addition to the five-storey penthouse.

Another signature property than this Monaco architect collaborated is the 19-story glass tower at 26 Carré d’Or, one of the prime locations for Monaco real estate.

Monegasque architect Michel Desvigne

Michel Desvigné

This renowned French landscape architect, known for his garden designs that ensure tranquility in urban spaces, is part of the team behind Mareterra, a 6 hectare eco-development with apartments, penthouses and villas along the coastline recovered.

Desvigne brings more natural environment to the project, with a flourishing Mediterranean ecosystem, including more than 1,000 trees that will be planted around the open spaces of the development.

Monegasque architect Mareterra Renzo Piano

Renzo Piano

Piano, the founder of Valode & Pistre Architects in France, created the design for the luxury “floating” residences in Mareterra Monaco. The residential building will be elevated from the street, allowing pedestrians to have unobstructed views of the sea, and will feature extensive use of glass.

Winner of the 1998 Pritzker Prize, this Monegasque architect has designed some of the most remarkable buildings in the world over the past 40 years. When the $ 2.4 billion seaside projects are completed, Mareterra promises to set a new benchmark for premier Monegasque real estate.

What other famous Monegasque architects would you add to our guide?

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