Flavio Briatore reveals the keys to his success

Flavio Briatore has many lives and everything he touches seems to turn to gold. From commercial director of the Benetton group to Formula 1 via restaurants such as Cova and Crazy Pizza, the entrepreneur reveals the secrets of his success.

In an interview with Wall Street Italy, the Monegasque resident confided that his desire to succeed in life came to him in Monaco. During a trip to the Principality with friends, something clicked when you saw the large yachts and their wealthy owners. And he said to his friends, with conviction: “If they succeeded, I don’t see why we should stay in Cuneo. For him, “the experience was a catalyst [for him]”.

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Later, he will use the same recipe for all his projects: “you have to have a clear idea and know the market well. (…) You have to have a very strict roadmap and follow it from point A to point Z. (…) All our brands were created with the same philosophy, which is above all a solid and loyal team. It’s the key to success. When it comes to catering, the secret lies in the service. If the service is excellent, the customer will be satisfied. (…) Second, we must always seek to improve and renew ourselves and not take success for granted.

These days, as Flavio Briatore himself admits, after all these successes, “I have everything I need”. However, he still likes to “create new jobs” and new places if they are “useful to society as a whole”.

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There is no shortage of projects for 2022, on the contrary. He is to open a new Billionaire store in Mykonos, then focus on the Middle East. Flavio Briatore also plans to export Twiga to Rome and to open several other Crazy Pizza restaurants.

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