Flying for 3 years? CNY woman charged with taking $50,000 from her job

A central New York woman is accused of defrauding her employer of tens of thousands of dollars over several years.

Utica police say they were contacted by a local engineering firm after someone noticed irregularities in the finances. Investigators say through multiple subpoenas from financial institutions, forensic accounting and finally the search for real and altered bank statements, they believe a company employee stole more than $50,000 over a period of time. of three years.

Diana Gacek of Herkimer allegedly altered those payroll accounts and bank statements and issued fraudulent checks for her benefit. The 31-year-old now faces a second-degree Grand Larceny charge – a Class C felony.

Officials said additional charges could be filed after a review by the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office.

11 Great Upstate New York City Parks

Over the years we have written many articles highlighting the various state and county (and national) parks that can be found in upstate New York. This list is a little different.

Here we take a look at 11 of our wonderful town parks. In our older cities we can find parks that were the centerpiece of such places, as Albany, Schenectady, Buffalo, Rochester and others, in their beginnings to greatness. At the end of the 19th century, urban planners went deeper into creating parks for our urban areas. These places were showcases then, and they still are today.

Take a look at some of these interesting parks. Have you ever heard of an “urban ornamental park?” A city park that only certain locals were allowed to use (and they had to have a key to enter!). Well, there are only two in the entire state and one of them is in the Capital District.

Did you know that Frederick Law Olmstead is considered the “dean of American park designers?” He was the master. He designed and built Central Park in New York. But did you know that he was also involved in the creation of several parks in upstate New York? And they are on this list!

So we hope you will explore these wonderful parks. They have rose gardens, they host festivals, they feature world-class statues and monuments, and they are the beautiful green oasis in our ever-growing urban centers.

Big cities and small towns, they are all worth the detour!

Discover the abandoned dry cleaner’s building in Guilderland

This dry cleaner is believed to have operated from the 1950s, but has been closed since 1996. It is located on Western Avenue in Guilderland. Plans are underway to carry out an environmental cleanup of the property and redevelop it into apartments and commercial/retail spaces.

13 small towns in upstate New York claiming fame on their welcome signs!

“welcome sign.” All of these 13 places do. They are curious, historical, whimsical, and fascinating for those of us interested in upstate history.

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