GTA Online Player recreates iconic real-world racing track


A Grand Theft Auto Online player posted a video showing his recreation of the real Monaco Circuit, complete with a pit stop.

A Grand Theft Auto Online player recently presented his in-game recreation of the Circuit de Monaco circuit. The Circuit de Monaco is an urban circuit located in Monte-Carlo used for several professional races, including the historic Monaco Grand Prix – one of the races included in the prestigious Triple Crown of motorsport.

The online component of Grand Theft Auto V, Grand Theft Auto Online, released in 2013 and allows players to roam the open world landscape of San Andreas. Developer Rockstar has created races and deathmatch for players online and often updates the game with DLC. However, the eight-year-old game lends itself to customization, even by the active player. GTA Online community of third-party servers. With its Content Creator tool, players can customize their own maps in several different game modes and share their work on the Rockstar community pages. Creators can place objects such as barriers, signs, cones, tire tracks, and even large stadium seats to create their own race track.

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User JeckLM posted a video of their re-enactment of the Monaco Circuit in the real world at GTA Online subreddit. It is 2.26 kilometers, which is about a kilometer shorter than the actual length of 3.33 kilometers. Like the real Monaco Circuit, JeckLM’s leisure activities include its pit stop. The JeckLM Monaco Grand Prix circuit is located in two RGT In line locations: North Chumash and Mount Josiah. JeckLM’s finished track uses a total of 198 props. They mention that due to the 200 prop limit in the game, they had to simplify elevation changes. In fact, for that same reason, they had to forgo the surrounding landscape characteristic of the real-world racetrack entirely.

There used to be a Rockstar verified Monaco Grand Prix circuit located in Del Perro in GTA Online, but this track is no longer available. However, JeckLM released their final product on the Rockstar Games Social Club so that others GTA Online players can try it out in Open Wheel Race mode. As a result, players can now ride the Monaco Grand Prix track again. The recreation area can also accommodate a Mario kart race, thanks to a recent GTA Online on the theme of Mario-Kart Meet LS cars.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise remains popular, in part thanks to the steady growth Grand Theft Auto Online and post-launch DLCs. Although it has been eight years since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, there remains a doubt about a Grand Theft Auto VI come out anytime soon. While fans wait for a new game or more updated DLC, they can try to be the first at JeckLM’s Monaco Grand Prix.

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Source: JeckLM / Reddit

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