Here’s what F1 doesn’t want you to know about Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is a Formula 1 legend and probably one of the reasons the sport is so popular. Many fans have put him on a pedestal, but he’s not without his flaws. He has a can-do attitude, and his popularity has made him not only a beloved character, but a controversial one as well.

Maybe the German knows how to sell the sport and entertain viewers, but aside from his winning moments, there have been instances where he has proven himself to be a ruthless driver. He will do anything to win and others think he never shied away from doing dirty tricks.

Schumacher knew what he was doing on the track, and it’s part of his reputation. He may be a quintessential rider or a controversial icon, but regardless of the critics, the ‘Weltmeister’ is a story maker, and it’s not just about skid marks. Here is some information about him that F1 does not want to release.

11 Schumi’s cheating?


The 1994 world championship is controversial due to allegations of cheating by Benetton, then Schumacher’s team. The issue revolves around the alleged illegal use of traction control, which has been investigated but not proven by the International Automobile Federation.

The late Ayrton Senna believed the team was using the illegal system, and in 2011 teammate Jos Verstappen claimed Schumi cheated. However, others believe that the supposed cheating was indeed a left-foot braking strategy. Schumacher launched his championship with controversies that were not easily extinguished.

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ten The Damon Hill Attack

Michael Schumacher

Damon Hill is among the first riders to feel the intensity of Schumacher’s game. In the 1994 British Grand Prix, Schumacher passed Hill on the parade lap, which was not allowed. Because of this, he served a penalty but didn’t oblige, so a black flag for the German.

The confrontation between the two has never ceased. During the final in Australia, the notorious incident happened: Schumacher collided with Hill, damaging the British driver’s car, and the latter finally retired. This resulted in the German’s first title by one point. However, the debate continues as to whether Schumacher intentionally crashed into his rival’s car.

9 Next victim: Jacques Villeneuve

collision between two cars

In another controversial race, Schumacher deliberately crashed into Jacques Villeneuve’s vehicle during the final round of the 1997 European Grand Prix. This time the German was disqualified.


Villeneuve later shared that he had no relationship with Schumacher and there was no attempt to clear things up between them. Ferrari, the German team at the time, went unpunished. It remains one of the most controversial collisions in F1 history.

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8 Villeneuve’s jabs

Michael Schumacher seated

The Canadian rider has a lot to say about his rival, especially since he is one of the German’s victims. Years later, Villeneuve insisted it was Schumacher who was at fault in the Jerez clash, citing his opponent’s misconduct.

Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve

Villeneuve isn’t a fan of what his rival has done, especially since he thinks other riders are also trying to make a Schumacher. For his supposed dirty tricks, Schumacher left his legacy not without flaw.

7 Confront Coulthard

Michael Schumacher upset

During the 1998 Belgian Grand Prix, David Coulthard aroused the ire of the Red Baron when the German slammed into rival McLaren, causing the previous one to lose a tire. The three-wheeled Schumacher was furious and after pulling his vehicle out he stormed into the McLaren pit.

The German was convinced his opponent was at fault. Later, Schumacher was asked to explain why he drove in Coulthard’s jet even though the British had already let him pass. Fortunately, the two ended the issue with a handshake and called for better rules.

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6 Monegasque mistake?


Even before the actual race of the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, Schumacher again proved controversial. In the last qualifying round, with Fernando Alonso on the verge of taking pole position, Schuey blocked the Spaniard by parking his Ferrari in one of the corners, bringing out the yellow flags.


The German argued it was a mistake, but the FIA ​​thinks otherwise. This lost him pole position and, together with his teammate, Ferrari started the race on the last row. Monaco was his last race before his first retirement and made sure to make it memorable.

5 Unsportsmanlike behavior?

Schumacher also courted controversy in Canada in 1998 when he defeated compatriot Heinz-Harald Frentzen, and in Austria in 2002 when teammate Rubens Barrichello was advised by Ferrari to let the German win.

Alonso, one of Schu’s victims, made sure to score a blow when he said the German was the ‘least sporting driver’ even as the great driver retires. Schumacher is undeniably a racing icon, but not without complaints.

4 Unsuccessful return


In a shock comeback in 2010, Schu adapted for Mercedes-Benz. His performances in each season have been disappointing, finishing 13th in his last race before his second retirement.


In his second career, he had the most success at the 2012 European Grand Prix when he finished third, his only podium finish from 2010 to 2013. His comeback may be historic, but he was overshadowed by its lackluster race.

3 He doesn’t like supercars


It’s not just about Schu controversies. On the lighter side of things, it’s surprising to know that the German doesn’t like luxury cars. He owns a Ferrari FXX, but it was a gift when he retired.


One of his favorite vehicles is the Fiat Abarth 500, which can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.1 seconds. At least with this turbocharged performance car, no red flags were raised. Or black flags, for that matter.

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2 No race for Mick

Mick Schumacher has followed in his father’s footsteps even though the eldest Schu has admitted before that he doesn’t want his son to enter the industry. The father is worried about his son’s safety.


The racing icon, as expected, supported her son’s decision to hit the race tracks. According to his former manager, Schu wanted to guide Mick but the unfortunate skiing accident happened.

1 The tragic skiing accident


In 2013, Schumacher suffered head injuries in a skiing accident. Since then, his family has remained silent, as has F1. Even though Mick is now a celebrity like his father, he rarely elaborates on the racing legend’s condition.


Although he is a controversial figure in the racing world, Schu is an individual after all. Missed by millions of his fans, perhaps F1 and his family want the Red Baron to be remembered for his racing prowess, so he can continue to inspire young people.

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