How APM Monaco Shows American Consumers the Appeal of the French Riviera

There are a plethora of new jewelry brands on the market today, all trying to win the loyalty of the young American consumer. However, young millennial and Gen Z consumers are proving to be smarter and more selective than perhaps any other generation when it comes to the brands they choose to support.

Today, companies must prove they have more than just a quality product to build their brand. Generation Y is the largest demographic age group in North America and will continue to dominate in the years to come. According BDC, this younger generation of consumers seeks to understand the product as well as the history of the brand, and wants brands to be transparent. They also want brands to be accessible across all channels and platforms, and they like to feel part of a community in the brands they choose to support.

Yummy Collection, APM Monaco

For APM Monaco, a French jewelry brand, all of these elements have come naturally over the past 40 years. In 1982, Ariane Prette founded the company now run by her son Philippe Prette and his wife Kika. APM Monaco embodies all that is chic and elegant about the French Riviera, and the brand also successfully encapsulates the style, trends and art of the world as a whole. It’s the perfect recipe for any modern brand to win over the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z.

APM MonacoNew styles are introduced to the iconic Meteorites Collection. To be published in October 2022

From earrings, earrings and studs to necklaces, rings and bracelets, APM Monaco offers a diverse range of products that appeal to nearly every demographic. The brand has mastered its marketing strategy, both in person and on the Internet. APM has more than 400 physical stores around the world, from Monaco to New York’s iconic SoHo district.

APM has long been a popular jewelry brand for European and Asian consumers, but more recently the brand has expanded its reach into the Western Hemisphere. The jewelry retailer entered the North American market in 2017, and since then the brand’s retention rate in the United States and Canada has reached an impressive 45%.

In addition to stores in New York, APM Monaco has also expanded to California and Florida, with plans to reach more cities soon. These unisex jewelry collections are showcased in the beautiful display cases, and each location is focused on cultivating a luxurious experience and providing exceptional customer service.

APM MonacoLatin singer Maluma wearing unisex designs from APM

APM Monaco has built a solid online reputation through numerous relationships with brand ambassadors and successful social media activations. French model and social media star Thylane Blondeau has led campaigns for the brand and promoted it on Instagram. The brand has also been featured on Netflix’s much-admired show, “Emily in Paris.”

APM MonacoLily Collins in Meteorites Collection in Emily in Paris

To find out more about the brand and discover the American stores, visit the APM Monaco website website.

Article by Darby Jones

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