“I have more podiums in cycling than in F1” – Valtteri Bottas trolls after cycling in the Monaco ProAm Charity Race

Mercedes ace Valtteri Bottas does a sneaky dig on himself as he appeared on his bike in the Monaco ProAm Charity Race.

Valtteri Bottas, in 2021, has been seen riding a bicycle regularly whenever he has some free time from his F1 schedule and traveling. Recently, the Finnish racing driver was spotted racing a bike during the Monaco ProAm Charity Race.

When reporters told him about his appearance at the event, Bottas joked the hard way. “I feel like I get more podiums in cycle races than in F1 these days,” said Bottas.

After this test, Bottas was to travel to Saudi Arabia, and like his opponents, he will participate in the two practice sessions in Jeddah. This will be the first time he does so, or any other F1 driver will appear on this circuit.

So no one has a clue how it would turn out. According to many F1 veterans, it would be a challenge due to its 27 unforgiving high-speed corners.

Nonetheless, this is one of Bottas’ last two races with Mercedes. After that, the 32-year-old racing driver begins his journey with Alfa Romeo.

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Love of cycling – Valtteri Bottas

Bottas’ partner, Tiffany Cromwell, is a professional cyclist and she often joins the former for her cycling sessions. In a previous interview with VeloNews, he disclosed his experiences with it and other cycling competitions.

“I did my first and only bike race in Australia, a review in January 2020 just before COVID. I completely exploded. I was so upset that Tiff put me in Group B, ”Bottas said.

Cromwell replied, “How was I supposed to know they would start at 50,000 per hour?” I had taken him for a five hour tour two days before. Maybe I should have started it a little lower.

Bottas reveals that cycling is just a hobby for him. He said he is currently preparing for the 60 mile race and will give it a serious chance. “It’s mostly for fun, I’m just doing the 60 mile race. Corn, I will give everything I have, of course. I don’t mind doing that, ”Bottas said.

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