In Monaco, four-year-old crushes man with his father’s Bentley


The idea that the streets of Monaco are lined with luxury vehicles is no exaggeration. The recently crowned “supercar capital of the world“also carries risks, as stretch limousines and sports cars have to travel the winding streets and narrow squares of the small city-state.

However, last Friday, when a Bentley crashed into a Belgian in front of the Place du Casino, the driver at fault turned out to be a hell of a joker: a four-year-old boy.

Police report that the child slipped into the driver’s seat when his father, an Armenian visiting from Prague, got out of the vehicle to hand over the car keys to the hotel valet. The boy then managed to press the accelerator pedal, pushing the big British car forward about ten meters, where it crushed the unfortunate pedestrian.

The 53-year-old victim had to undergo emergency surgery in nearby Nice after being trapped under the wheels of the 2-ton Bentley, but is now out of danger, reports the local daily. Nice morning.

Belgian daily The evening writes that the ongoing Monegasque police investigation will determine how the boy may have advanced if the father had brought the keys to the valet. Problems of the first world, à la Monegasque.

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