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It is rare for water toys to be the main feature of an explorer’s yacht, but it just might be the case with Tillberg Design from Swedenis the new concept.

The Scandinavian studio has unveiled a 197 feet written in partnership with Laurent Giles Naval Architects which is full of equipment for thrill seekers, including beach buggies, snowmobiles, amphibious vehicles, submarines and, of course, a few annexes.

The ship is called Mimer and is not left out either; appropriate, since its nickname is taken from Norse mythology and is synonymous with knowledge and wisdom. The yacht is designed to convey the “ultimate expedition experience” and can be configured in two different ways to suit a sailor’s desires. The “World Traveler” will give you a larger beach club on the main deck while the “Adventure Explorer” offers additional storage space for, you guessed it, more toys.

Mimer is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system for ecological cruising.

Tillberg Design from Sweden

Inside, meanwhile, the living rooms are quintessentially Scandinavian-chic with a muted color palette and minimalist furnishings. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of natural light while a thoughtful layout creates a sense of flow. Mimer can accommodate 12 people in six generous cabins. One clear outlier is the owner’s suite on the main deck, which includes its own private hot tub. Elsewhere you will find a high-tech gym and sauna.

“We took on the challenge of designing an exploration yacht that would meet the most demanding requirements of Antarctica while looking beautiful in the port of Miami or Monaco,” said Daniel Nerhagen, partner and yacht manager of Tillberg Design of Sweden, in a statement. “Function combined with beauty. “

Yacht Explorer Mimer

The Explorer of course comes with a helipad and a swimming pool.

Tillberg Design from Sweden

Like any good all-round explorer, Mimer also emphasizes sustainability. It will be equipped with a hybrid propulsion system for more efficiency and less pollution. It will also feature environmentally friendly materials sourced from local suppliers where possible.

The studio unveiled another hybrid explorer yacht known as the Scintilla just over a week ago. At 393 feet, the Scintilla is a bit longer than the Mimer, but both ships will allow adventurers to sail to the far reaches with far fewer emissions than traditional ships.

Yacht Explorer Mimer

Mimer has an asking price of $ 75 million.

Tillberg Design from Sweden

As you might expect, global travelers will set you back a big chunk of change. Mimer went on sale with IYC with an asking price of $ 75 million (€ 65 million), while Scintilla is currently listed as a price on demand. Hey, no one said eco-conscious – and all of those toys – are cheap.

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