Inside police wiretaps where one of Europe’s biggest drug lords calls Kinahans ‘most powerful’ narco terrorist gang

THE narco-terror gang led by fugitive crime boss Daniel Kinahan is considered the ‘most powerful’ and deadliest – according to one of Europe’s biggest drug lords.

James Mulvey – who is currently serving a 32-year sentence for orchestrating an €82million drug trafficking ring – spoke about the Irish criminal group in a series of secretly recorded phone calls before his arrest in Lithuania in 2017 .


British drug lord James MulveyCredit: PA: Press Association
Daniel Kinahan


Daniel Kinahan
The UK's National Crime Agency recorded meetings with Mulvey


The UK’s National Crime Agency recorded meetings with MulveyCredit: National Crime Agency

Today The Irish Sun reveals never-before-seen details of the explosive wiretaps on Sunday in which he talks about the cruelty of the mob.

In a meeting recorded by the UK’s National Crime Agency, Mulvey said of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group: “Do you understand how these people work? If they can’t reach you, they kill the people you love.

Our revelations come after Mulvey was named a “key player” in the Kinahan Cartel, when details of the $5 million reward for information leading to Daniel Kinahan’s arrest were released at a conference of stunning press at Dublin City Hall last Tuesday.

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on the exiled Kinahan and six others for drug trafficking and money laundering.

Senior Kinahan Mobster Sean McGovern Wanted Noel 'Duck Egg' Kirwan Murdered
The United States in reward of 5 million dollars for the arrests of the gangsters Kinahan Dan, Christy and Christopher Jr

Kinahan was named along with father Christy Kinahan Sr and brother Christy Jr.

But it’s not just the leadership that’s terrifying, according to Mulvey, 46, who spoke of his associates while on the run from investigators in ‘Operation Sassak’.

When calling an associate about Kinahan’s right-hand man, Thomas ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh, while on the run, Mulvey said: “They’re so powerful. You have Daniel, fucking The Wig (Graham Whelan), Georgie and him (Kavanagh). It is the most powerful group.

“The Irish are the most powerful and also the craziest.”

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Mulvey was also asked if the cartel was “crazier” than him, but he didn’t answer.

In another secretly recorded call, Mulvey revealed how 44-year-old Daniel Kinahan worried about being “a rat”.

Mulvey also referenced David ‘Blinky’ Duffy, 35, who was a key lieutenant for Bomber Kavanagh and is now serving five years for his role in the failed hit to kill Hutch associate James ‘Mago’ Gately in April 2017 .

Anxious Mulvey told his associate: “Stories of other people like Blinky who weren’t even family – and people believed the stupid, poxy story.”


Investigators believe he was referring to key cartel figure Liam Byrne when he said: “Fair play to Liam. Liam went to talk to Daniel because Daniel fired Liam.

“They robbed me. I was stupid to go with them. Doesn’t mean they can rob me.

And in another call, he explained how Liam Byrne and ‘Bomber’ Kavanagh, who is currently serving a 21-year sentence in the UK for drug-related offences, survived a hit in 2014.

He said: “I sat down with Liam, and Liam told me that Thomas and Liam were together when they tried to walk through the house. He said they had bulletproof glass days before and no one knew about it.

“They entered the house and the gun got stuck.”

At the same time Mulvey’s phones were tapped by NCA investigators in 2014, his luxurious €1.4million luxury villa in Spain was also being used by Christy Kinahan’s eldest son.

Daniel – whose brother Christopher and father also have a $5million bounty on his head – was secretly recorded touring the property.

Investigators believe he was staying at the property just as his relationship with Gary Hutch, 34, began to break down due to the cartel’s failure to launder Hutch’s money from a tiger abduction.

In a statement to The Irish Sun on Sunday, the NCA also confirmed Mulvey’s close links to bomber Kavanagh, 54, who was previously described by Spanish police as having “equal status” to Daniel Kinahan in the union. crime.

The NCA said: “Mulvey was a trusted associate of Thomas Kavanagh – those operating at the highest levels of crime would only make deals with those they trusted.”

Sean McGovern was another of Mulvey’s close associates within the “top” of the cartel.

McGovern – who was also targeted at Tuesday’s press conference after it emerged he was at the center of a European arrest warrant for the murder of innocent Noel Kirwan in December 2016 – had previously received a cash payment of €155,000 from Mulvey.

Investigators now believe the money was used by McGovern to pay for his house on Kildare Road in south Dublin.

The money came from the ‘Mule State Foundation’ which claimed the money was for ‘property in Ireland’. The money was also paid to McGovern via an account in Mauritius, with the NCA identifying how Mulvey “created a complex web of transactions to transfer funds from the Isle of Man to Monaco to Mauritius”.

Mulvey’s donation also ended in disaster after the property was seized by the Bureau of Criminal Assets in ‘Operation Lampe’.


The NCA said: “Investigators have identified that over £7.8 million from unknown sources was accredited to an Isle of Man company.

“As a result, Mulvey lived a lavish lifestyle – he bought a €1.4 million villa in Spain built to his specifications and numerous properties in the UK.

“He owned high-end watches and cars and had an admitted cocaine habit of £1,000 a week.

“These organized crime groups, and those associated with them, go to great lengths to evade law enforcement – ​​and Mulvey is no exception.

“He did his best to live like a ghost – he had no conventional footprints in the UK. He also moved between luxury hotels across Europe.

During last Tuesday’s stunning announcement regarding the global crackdown on the cartel, NCA Deputy Director of Investigations Matt Horne pledged to continue his team’s work with the Garda National Drugs and Organized Crime Bureau.

The lead investigator said: ‘James Mulvey is another key player in the criminal group. We also prevented eight threats to life – killing and punishment on the streets of the UK and beyond by sharing intelligence with law enforcement partners.


“We target the criminals who do the most harm, who are the most violent, those who exploit the vulnerable and dominate communities. The Kinahan Group falls into all of these categories.

“They crossed international borders – distributing multi-million pound shipments of drugs across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe – and engaged in gun trafficking and money laundering. money.

“They thought they were untouchable but the sanctions imposed will be a blow to the Kinahan.

“It cut them off from the global financial system, making them toxic to legitimate businesses and financial institutions.

“It will also make other criminals think twice about doing business with them.” The lead investigator continued: ‘This shows that we will explore all available opportunities to disrupt their criminal activities.

“And, rest assured, we will not stop there.

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“No matter how long it takes, we will ensure that those responsible for flooding the streets with drugs and guns, laundering the proceeds of crime, ordering murders and inflicting violence be held accountable for their actions.”

Anyone with information about McGovern’s whereabouts should contact Garda’s confidential line on 1800 666 111.



Thomas “Bomber” KavanaghCredit: PA: Press Association
Liam Byrne


Liam ByrneCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin
Graham 'The Wig' Whelan


Graham ‘The Wig’ WhelanCredit: Paddy Cummins – Commissioned by The Sun Dublin
Matt Horne, Deputy Director of Investigations for the National Crime Agency (NCA), speaking at Dublin Town Hall


Matt Horne, Deputy Director of Investigations for the National Crime Agency (NCA), speaking at Dublin Town HallCredit: PA Media

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