Is it difficult to be a father in F1? —

There are currently three fathers on the 2022 F1 grid. Let’s understand how difficult it is to be an F1 father.

When Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement earlier this summer, one of his main reasons for retiring was to be able to focus on his family and fatherhood.

Reconciling Family and F1

Being a full-time Formula 1 driver and father doesn’t have to be easy. Since Formula 1 drivers are always traveling, it must be difficult to maintain a family. In Vettel’s retirement statementhe said he is first and foremost a father of three and husband to a “wonderful woman”.

Speaking on the subject of fatherhood in Hungary, Sergio Perez, another father of three, commented on how sport has been all his life and how difficult it is to have both a family and a career in F1.

“It’s a sport that takes everything from you and your personal life. Basically, you don’t have much of a personal life because you’re constantly working out, watching what you eat, and it’s the same when you’re with your kids. (motorlat)

Go for a run

Perez also said it was difficult to leave his family for a race or other Formula 1 commitments.

“Every time you leave you think about every goodbye you say to your children, it’s hard because you’re always far away from them.”

Other F1 fathers have also struggled to let their children work.

Former Formula 1 driver Kimmi Raikkonen had two children behind the wheel. In a new social media post from his wife Minttu, the Finnish driver can be seen hugging his son while shouting to see his daughter.

It’s not just tough for the father of F1, but it must be tough for the family they have. As seen in the video, Raikkonnen’s daughter ran up to her father with a card she had made for him.

There is also no brevity of hugs and hugs in the video. The family must have really missed each other during the separation.

have it all

Keeping the family and F1 under control seems difficult, but it looks like if they can get the perfect balance, they can have it all. Speaking of Perez again. The Mexican driver had an incredible month of May. Not only did he win the Monaco Grand Prix, but he also welcomed his third child into the world.

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On Sunday, May 15, Checo welcomed his son Emilio into the world. He couldn’t stay with his newborn for too long as he was at the Spanish Grand Prix the following weekend.

At the Spanish grand prix, Perez had a frustrating weekend where he struggled with team orders. Many would think who would give up time with their new baby for a frustrating weekend, but unfortunately that’s part of the job.

However, fortunately for Perez, he was rewarded for all his commitment to the sport by winning the most coveted Grand Prix a week later.

Gain perspective

Magnussen is the new dad on the grid. Barely returned to the sport, his new baby Laura decided to join him for his first comeback race. As pictured above, Magnussen seemed to enjoy having his daughter in the cockpit with him.

During his sabbatical year, Magnussen gained a lot of perspective for the sport. He realized that Formula 1 was no longer the most important thing in life.

I think having a kid definitely gives you… it shifts all of your priorities in life. Like Formula 1 is always super important, but it’s not the most important thing in your life.

On the Beyond the Grid podcast, Magnussen admitted he realized happiness wasn’t just about Formula 1.

“Something else is more important, like your family is more important, like life outside of F1 linked to everything about your family, that life is most important. Before that wasn’t the case, Formula 1 was absolutely the most important thing. I thought happiness was linked to F1 – at least that’s how I felt. If it didn’t go well on track, my whole life was a misery and that isn’t like that anymore. It’s very different.”

Father knows best

With not many F1 fathers on the grid (and there will be one less by 2023), it’s hard to see what it’s really like to navigate such hectic schedules. One thing is certain, it must be difficult to juggle a job you love and a family you love more.

When drivers have become fathers in the past, they have tended to retire soon after. However, it looks like Magnussen and Perez aren’t leaving any time soon.

As they say though, “the father knows best” and the driver will probably retire when he sees fit. Sometimes sports will interfere too much with their family. They will definitely know when to let go. Just like Sebastian Vettel did.

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