Kimoa Lab x Arevo is the electric bike champion (F1)

It’s not particularly uncommon for racing drivers to endorse sponsor products, but this is different: this is a product started by an active rider – and one of the greatest in the sport, besides. ! Two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso is both an avid cyclist and co-owner of fashion brand Kimoa, so when it came time to launch an e-bike, he (of course) did. in style.

Driving for the Alpine F1 team this year, Formula 1 Drivers’ World Champion Alonso handles off-season training on road bikes and promotes Kimoa, a lifestyle and fashion that he created with a focus on sustainable living. Two weeks ago, while the team was competing in the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix in Miami, ALO decided to launch a brand new 3D printed Kimoa-branded carbon fiber e-bike in the city. magical.

And, no, you didn’t hallucinate that. This bike is not built, it is printed!

“Unlike other carbon fiber bikes whose frames are glued and bolted together using dozens of individual parts and made from previous generation thermoset composite materials, the Kimoa bike frame is built without joints. nor glue for consistent strength,” Kimoa said in a statement. “Its next-generation thermoplastic materials make it extremely impact-resistant, remarkably light and, above all, incredibly durable.”

3D printed power

Image courtesy Kimoa.

Each Kimoa Lab 3D printed carbon fiber e-bike frame is custom made for each rider and printed by Arevo, an additive manufacturing company. The result is a tailored fit that takes into account each rider’s unique combination of height, leg and arm length, as well as riding position preference. In total, Kimoa claims there are up to 500,000 possible configurations.

That’s a lot, but by far the most shocking thing about the new Kimoa Lab e-bike is: the price …but not the way you probably think.

Indeed, despite the dizzying heights of technology on display here, the price is quite reasonable at $3,999. And of course, you can option a little higher, but it’s right on the meaty end of the “premium e-bike” bell curve. Whether that affordability makes this perfectly custom e-bike more or less desirable is up to you, but consider this: you’ll probably never be able to ride Alonso’s car, but you can certainly ride a bike!

And, if you were in Monaco last weekend for the Monaco GP, you might have had the chance to do so. Kimoa showed up with three custom-built e-bikes so celebrities and the wealthy could try out the new bikes for themselves. Alas, Kimoa didn’t invite me to this one…but if you’re reading this, I’ll be at COTA later this season, and I’ll take mine as a red/silver Ultraman paint scheme, if you can handle that .

We’ll see each other there!

spring | Pictures: Kimoa, via Businesswire.



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