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South African Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock married Prince Albert in a lavish ceremony in 2011. Questions were immediately raised about the state of the couples’ marriage, as rumor had it that Princess Charlene had attempted to flee Monaco three times before the ceremony. Over the past decade their relationship has been draped in scandal, and last month rumors once again erupted when the princess missed Monaco’s National Day celebrations and was admitted to a nursing home. treatment for undisclosed medical conditions and weight loss.

L’Express interviewed an expert on European monarchy, Maddalena Mastrostefano, who spoke about Charlene’s integration into royal life.

Maddalena said: “We have seen Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall take tours recently, one to Jordan and Egypt.

“Prince William and Kate set out on Pakistan which is difficult, I remember seeing the outlines of the bulletproof vests under their clothes the whole trip.

“It is part of their duty to promote their own country abroad.

Strengthening diplomatic and economic ties with other countries, with partners and strategic allies.

“The fact that she [Princess Charlene] miss all that, I think it will create tension with the Monegasque population, and especially because their relationship was not easy from the start.

“There was a language barrier, she hadn’t been heard speaking French for a very long time, until the famous speech in which she said to her husband: ‘You are the Prince of my heart’.

“All this speech was in French and I think the whole population started to get used to it, but it was after the birth of their children.”

Earlier this year, Princess Charlene visited South Africa on an official visit for her philanthropic and conservation work.

The princess found herself “immobilized” for six months as she battled an infection in her ears, nose and throat, and missed her 10th wedding anniversary and their children’s first day of school.

Her departure would have coincided with a split with her husband amid allegations he fathered a third child in love, but Albert insisted there was no problem in their relationship and underwent a DNA test who has proven his innocence.

Before flying to South Africa, Charlene had not been seen in Monaco since January 2021.

Officially, Charlene had been there since May, but Royal Watchers speculated it could have been much sooner.

Residents of Monaco were reportedly frustrated by the taxpayer-funded absence of the princess.

The palace then came out and declared that she suffered from a serious infection of the ears, nose and throat requiring “procedures” which will keep her there “indefinitely”.

She said: “The doctors told me I couldn’t fly yet because I couldn’t even my ears and therefore couldn’t fly above 20,000 feet.”

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