Man jailed in North Wales for damaging property in attack on vaccination centers

An ‘arrogant’ antivaxxer has been sentenced to 21 months in prison for smashing the windows of two Covid vaccination centers with rocks, inflicting £11,000 in damage.

On June 16, Paul Edwards, 58, was found guilty of destroying property at Mold Crown Court.

According to Judge Rhys Rowlands, Paul Edwards had “shown no insight into the devastation caused by your behavior”. He sentenced the anti-vaxxer to 21 months in prison for the harm he caused.

On December 14, he was apprehended by North Wales Police after he smashed five windows at a vaccination clinic near Llandudno Police Station, the court heard.

However, prosecutor Anna Price claimed she vandalized 25 windows in the OpTIC building at St Asaph Industrial Park the following night.

He also just damaged one of the windows of the vaccination center, but he damaged the shops in the park.

The vaccination effort was not hampered in any way.

Edwards, who was defending himself, denied two charges of property damage.

“Both incidents include attacks on society at large,” Judge Rhys Rowlands said.

According to the judge, Edwards had “sincere and firmly held beliefs in official policies and regulations” to protect the people.

He couldn’t, however, break the law to impose his beliefs on those who might have seen the beatings as a lifeline.

Edwards’ behavior, he added, was “arrogant and particularly obnoxious”.

Anna Price, the prosecutor handling the case, said Mr Edwards smashed windows two nights in a row as he targeted coronavirus vaccination centers because he claimed there had been a Paul Edwards (left) arrives at Mold Crown Court where he was found guilty of damaging 30 windows during an anti-vax rampage in December

Judge Rowlands told the defendant: ‘You have shown no idea of ​​the harm your behavior has caused, or its potential to have caused, to vulnerable people.’

“You intended to break into both premises and cause much more damage.”

A security guard was injured by shards of glass during the incident.

Edwards told the jury he tried to obstruct the vaccination program which put the public “in danger”.

He claimed there had been “deliberate alarmism” and that there was “censorship” in Britain.

Communist China had every interest in destabilizing Western society, he argued.

The devastation of one of the buildings attacked by Edwards.  The vaccination center was not prevented from functioning normally

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