Marilyn Monroe could have been Princess of Monaco instead of Grace Kelly


For many fans of pop culture around the world, Grace Kelly is known not only as a beloved actress of the Golden Age of Hollywood, but also as the Princess of Monaco. Kelly’s marriage to Prince Rainier of Monaco grabbed headlines around the world and sparked great interest. She left her Hollywood career behind and carved out a whole new life for herself, which is still a subject of fascination to this day. While it seems inconceivable to consider anyone else in Kelly’s place as the Princess of Monaco, there was a time when the Royal Family would have had their eye on a very different Hollywood star: Marilyn Monroe.

The royal family of Monaco goes in search of a Hollywood star

In the 1950s, Hollywood’s golden age was in full swing, with beautiful and talented stars making daily headlines. The royal family of Monaco, according to a recent report from Best Life Online, had a particular interest in pairing Prince Rainier of Monaco with one of these stars. The report states that in the mid-1950s Monaco was not doing well financially and the authorities were looking to increase tourism in the principality as it was the largest industry. Prince Rainier risked losing his throne if Monaco did not change fortunes, and quickly.

The report, which draws information from a recent documentary, notes that Prince Rainier of Monaco was advised to marry a Hollywood star as it would likely boost tourism and improve economic trade while allowing Monaco to capitalize on all the press attention that such a match would receive. Establishing a relationship between the prince and a star would not prove to be an easy undertaking, however.

Was Marilyn Monroe considered a princess for Prince Rainier of Monaco?

Actress Marilyn Monroe poses for a portrait | Baron / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Best Life Online reports that Marilyn Monroe was the first choice considered by the Royal Family of Monaco as a possible bride for Prince Rainier. At the time, Monroe was one of the biggest stars in the world, and the marriage between Monroe and the prince would undoubtedly attract a load of attention to the Principality of Monaco.

However, there were several reasons why this match would not have worked out. On the one hand, Monroe was considered too great a sex symbol to be an appropriate match for Prince Rainier. The other, more logical reason is that Monroe was already involved with other men at the time. In 1954, she was married to baseball legend Joe DiMaggio, and in 1956, she divorced DiMaggio and married playwright Arthur Miller. For these reasons, Prince Rainier has set his sights elsewhere.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier embark on an epic love story

In 1955, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco met at the Cannes Film Festival. Things move quickly between the couple and they embark on a romance that will become legendary. Kelly turned out to be the perfect match for Prince Rainier, and after a very brief and lightning bolt, the two tied the knot in April 1956.

With Hollywood stars like Cary Grant and Ava Gardner attending their wedding, Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly’s reunion made headlines around the world, becoming one of the biggest events of the decade. Marriage increased interest in the Principality of Monaco and forever changed the course of the history of the royal family. To this day, Kelly is well known as the star who gave up an illustrious career to follow her heart and marry a prince.

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