Marriage Licenses: Ottawa County

The Ottawa County Probate Court recorded the following marriage license applications from August 18 to October 8:

Jacob Francis Smithhisler, 21, North Ridgeville, GIS analyst, and Brandi Michelle Farley, 22, Lakeside, barista.

Adam Joseph Bianchi, 31, video producer, and Elise Marie Wallis, 31, public health professional, Los Angeles, CA.

Gregory Allen Sanderson, 67, retired, and Stephanie Dale Fryman, 65, retired, both of Genoa.

Randy Joel Ruttenberg, 58, Westlake, real estate development, and Amy A. Whitacre, 55, Port Clinton, sales.

Tyler D. Shoemaker, 30, creative producer, and Amanda J. Garlak, 28, commercial property, both of Burbank, California.

Justin Lee Bless, 35, Curtice, sales, and Sarah Marie Garvin, 31, Wauseon, teacher.

Cobi Wayne Brough, 26, district technician, and Lauren Nicole Schmid, 25, marketing and design, both of Oak Harbor.

Anthony Michael Monaco, 30, an engineer, and Bridget Crawford, 30, both of Centennial, Colorado.

Paul Arthur Mikhjian, 28, business development, and Moran Elizabeth Thompson, 26, inside sales representative, both of Owosso, Michigan.

Robert Hubbard Bahney III, 54, Circleville, nuclear engineer, and Barbara Spencer Singer, 54, Marblehead, executive.

William Patrick Ling, 25, electrician, and Kaylee Ann Chasteen, 22, office worker, both from Genoa.

Mark L. Derose, 61, TAS, and Sandra A. Szilagyi, 63, retired, both of Port Clinton.

Riley J. Flaherty, 50, dock worker, and Mollie U. Alban, 49, self-employed, both of Marblehead.

Evan Andrew Shurtz, 39, information technology, and Rebecca Jane McClure, 38, RN, both of Elmore.

Joel E. Steingraber, 51, pipefitter, and Beth A. Kigar, 54, office manager, both of Curtice.

Lucas Wade Joseph Guy, 29, musician, EMT, volunteer, and Renee Michele Fultz, 35, nonprofit executive, both from Put-in-Bay.

Tyler Vaughn Rowland, 30, Oregon, self-employed, and Tiffany Amber Eschedor, 27, Genoa, RN.

Brian R. Cleaver, 54, retail, and Paula F. Mischler, 54, a teacher, both in Oak Harbor.

Keven Eugene Haugh, 47, factory worker, and Michelle Lynn Bauer, 52, computer analyst, both from Marblehead.

James T. Saffran, 75, SVP real estate operations, and Linda L. Borows, 72, retired, both of Port Clinton.

Bradley James Pasionek, 32, an engineer, and Katherine Marie Warchol, 36, marketing communications, both of Temperance, Michigan.

Dennis A. Douglas, 53, a delivery driver, and Diane L. Latsch, 55, a cake decorator, both of Marblehead.

Marcus Robert Lorensen, 32, pipefitter-welder, and Lindsey Rae Dials, 26, receptionist/sales assistant, both of Port Clinton.

Gabriel James Fawcett, 26, gravedigger, and Katelynn Marie Opalka, 25, both from Genoa.

Carl David Roth, 38, tool and die maker, and Tina Marie Capodice, 44, sterile processing technician, both of Port Clinton.

Ryan Rocco Rossi, 34, Monroe, Michigan, sales, and Ashlee Kaye Zunk, 28, Millbury, sales.

Alexander Dean Espinoza, 33, computer scientist, and Abbey Renee Tussing, 28, medical assistant, both from Genoa.

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