Matt Gaetz’s Wingman is an even bigger bastard than previously thought


Several of the women told the Daily Beast that they had been contacted by federal investigators who appeared to be focusing on the underage girl that Greenberg and Gaetz both allegedly slept with. One of them said that she told a federal agent that the former tax collector “brought them four pieces of abandoned identification to entice them into having sex” and that when they refused, they threatened to kill them. “Face legal exposure” for accepting identity documents. “He told us in detail that he would go to the DMV, take people’s old IDs, take them and give them to people like us, his victims, as a way to have sex with him, ”the woman told The Daily. The beast. “He said it very clearly, and he said it clearly when we didn’t want to have sex with him. He tried to play like he was the victim, and if we didn’t have sex with him and took the ID cards, we would be in trouble for the ID cards. He basically said the payment was the fake IDs plus $ 1,500. “

Last week the Daily Beast reported that Greenberg had written a letter of “confession”, hoping to obtain forgiveness from Donald trump Going through Roger Pierre, in which he admitted to facilitating Gaetz’s interactions with the women and paying them on behalf of the congressman. Greenberg’s lawyer, Fritz Scheller, declined the Daily Beast’s request for comment. A Gaetz spokesperson said in a statement: “Despite the Daily Beast’s close examination of Congressman Gaetz’s life, the only allegations of impropriety appear to be with Mr. Greenberg, not Gaetz.”

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