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Our new Gulf product line is such a throwback, it’s got us playing The Chain on repeat. In fact, McLaren and Gulf go back so far that the classic Fleetwood Mac hasn’t even come out.

Some of the most illustrious moments in our history have been delivered during our partnership with Gulf, and this range is a celebration of those memories – an encapsulation of every victory that brings the past into the present and lets you wear it.

GULF Collection

Celebrating the historic GULF x McLaren partnership. There is something for every taste.

The two brands first partnered in 1968 and enjoyed instant success, with Denny Hulme winning the 1968 Can-Am title. Can-Am’s success was a constant theme in the early years of the partnership: Bruce won the championship in 1969, Hulme again in 1970 and Peter Revson in 1971.

Some of our first Formula 1 triumphs came during the collaboration, with McLaren finishing runners-up in 1968, a season in which we achieved podiums and victories for the very first time. It was also during this period that we first entered the Indy 500, in 1970.

After the initial partnership ended in 1973, it was renewed in the 1990s for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, with the McLaren F1 GTR running in iconic Gulf colors throughout the decade.

The partnership was ushered into the 21st century when the two brands came together in 2020. This resulted in the MCL35M in Gulf colors that we raced at the Monaco Grand Prixwhere Lando scored a podium finish and added a new chapter to our shared history.

Gulf is steeped in our history, and those memories have inspired our new collection. Simple, minimalist pieces that are enhanced by the finer details and supported by Gulf’s racing blue colourway and that classic papaya stripe.

The wide-eyed smile on Lando’s face as he scanned the rack, inspecting each individual piece was enough to satisfy us with a job well done. “We know Lando Norris is a big fan of the collection,” Gulf told us during the photo shoot. “He tried on some of the key pieces in our recent photoshoot and we’re sure fans will love it too.”

Our partnership with Gulf covered many series, so we needed a diverse collection to match… The collection is headlined by a new release from last year best selling hoodie and the classic gulf t-shirt. But if you prefer something on the smarter side of casual chic, there’s the alternative option of a polo shirt and a sweatshirt.

Lando walks around carrying it with a smirk

For the outer layer, you have the choice between track jackets, fleece jackets and stylish bomber jackets. And, of course, no Gulf collection would be complete without a vintage baseball cap from our friends at New Era.

But let’s be real here, this collection will sell itself, and only those of you with a will of steel would have made it to the bottom of this page without having already added several of these items to your cart. But come on, willpower is overrated.

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