Members of the royal family with surprising tattoos: from Kate Middleton to the Duchess of Cornwall and more

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Think of the royal family, and tattoos might not be what comes to mind. They tend to have a strict protocol when it comes to appearance, from makeup and jewelry to nail polish color and even the shade of their tights. So it’s a huge surprise when the royals show off an inking, whether permanent or temporary.

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Dame Amélie Windsor has multiple tattoos on her rib cage, left hand and wrists, and Princess Sofia showed off the sun tattoo between her shoulder blades on her wedding day. Even the duchesses Kate, Meghan and Camilla have experimented with body art in the past.

While they usually cover their tattoos well, royals are certainly a bit of a fan of a small pattern. Find out who has been tempted by tattoos …

Dame Amélie Windsor


Something of an it-girl, Dame Amélie Windsor is the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and doesn’t hesitate to express her personal style. Inked in more than one location, the elegant royal showed off her ribcage tattoo at the Serpentine Summer Party. She also has tattoos on each of her wrists and a tiger on her left shoulder blade.

Duchess of Cornwall


Yes it is Camille with a tattoo! While in Zanzibar in 2011 with her husband Prince Charles, the Duchess visited a henna tattoo artist and had her own creation painted in ink on her hand. The royal couple were on a four-day trip to Tanzania to highlight environmental issues in Africa.

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Prince Frederik of Denmark


Prince Frederik of Denmark is keeping his tattoos well hidden but they were seen in photos taken of the royal on the beach

The heir to the Danish throne, Prince Frederick will become king with two tattoos but this is something that is not unusual in his family. His grandfather, King Frederik IX, who ruled Denmark from 1947 until his death in 1972, had tattoos of dragons and birds on his chest. Why? Because just like Prince Frederick, who has a shark on his calf and a tattoo on his arm meaning ‘pingu’, the chosen symbols are used to represent their time of service in the Danish Navy.

Princess Sofia of Sweden


Princess Sofia with her tattoo on her ankle (left) and a tattoo on her back (right)

Before marrying Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, fourth to the Swedish throne, Princess sofia worked as a glamorous model and reality TV star. After reuniting with her future husband, she wasn’t just going to get her tattoos removed because she was going royal. Fair enough too.

On her wedding day, a sun between her shoulder blades was visible and while on vacation for a few years, she revealed a large tattoo of a flying butterfly on her rib cage. She also has a minute of inking on her ankle and would have already had a pattern on her arm.

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Princess Stephanie of Monaco


Princess Stephanie loves tattoos

The youngest daughter of American actress Grace Kelly and Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, Princess Stephanie was affectionately called a “wild child” by her mother when she was growing up. After her mother was killed in a car crash in 1982, while Stephanie was riding with her, she reportedly became more rebellious and opted for several tattoos including a floral bracelet, two jumping dolphins on the foot and a pattern in the back. “I realized how lucky I was to have life,” Stephanie later said in an interview. “I had my arms open to the future and I was like, ‘It could be over tomorrow.’ No one really tried to understand me or my behavior, which only reflected my decision to enjoy life to the fullest. “

Pauline Ducruet


Pauline Ducruet showed off her daisy tattoo at an amfAR event

Pauline Ducruet is the daughter of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco and 14th to the Monegasque throne. Like mother, like daughter, she also likes to visit the tattoo parlor and also has a floral design on her wrist. A daisy to be precise.

Charlotte casiraghi


When Monaco Charlotte casiraghi arriving to attend a Gucci event, she wore a cropped top that showed off the star tattoo on her stomach.

The Duchess of Sussex


During the royal couple’s trip to Morocco in 2019, Meghan got a henna tattoo from teenage Samira who has lived in Asni for six years – the henna flower was created on Meghan’s right hand to celebrate her pregnancy according to the Moroccan tradition. Samira explained, “It is a traditional practice for pregnant women in Morocco. It’s to bring luck to the baby.

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After the work was completed, Meghan said: “It’s really lovely”, and proudly showed it to her husband, Prince Harry, who was seated next to her. Meghan added: “It’s going to dry out a bit and then we can go through.”

Here’s a close-up photo of Meghan with her gorgeous henna tattoo …


The Duchess of Cambridge


Shocked? Don’t be. We are not about to tell you Kate has a constellation of stars along her spine, but she has a soft spot for semi-permanent inking. In February 2018, when she was seven months pregnant with Louis, the Duchess received a small henna tattoo on the occasion of the opening of a new artist residency in Sunderland. I wonder how it faded so quickly? Henna is a natural dye that only lasts about one to four weeks.

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