Mercedes surprised by ‘strange’ choice of F1 wing for Red Bull in Hungary | F1


After performing well at the Monaco Grand Prix, Red Bull expected to be the team to beat at the Hungaroring – a circuit dubbed “Monaco without barriers”.

Lewis Hamilton stormed pole position as Mercedes blocked the front row for the first time since the Portuguese Grand Prix.

Reflecting on the weekend, Shovlin, who is Mercedes’ track engineering director, expected Red Bull to do better in Hungary.

“Yes, because we thought this was a circuit that should be fine for them”, “The other thing that always worries us when we get to maximum downforce is that we frequently run on our wing d. ‘maximum support, then they bring it off for the Monacos and this place.

“But maybe they didn’t manage to balance that, they left on Saturday and to us it seems strange that you’ve ever used anything other than your bigger rear wing here.

“We don’t pretend to know why they are making decisions on this car, but it could be that they just struggled to get enough front end on the big spoiler, so they stumbled across the smaller one.”

Shovlin admitted that Mercedes doesn’t really understand why it has performed so well.

“This is something we need to look at over the next few days,” added Shovlin. “To be fair we are now at small developments, but we had the update kit at Silverstone and it seems to have given us some useful performance.

“But the car was performing well here with maintained tire temperatures and we had a pretty good balance with it. To be honest, we’re surprised ourselves. It’s a pleasant surprise, because we’re surprised we had it. this margin on pole for example.

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