Monza win made ‘everything worth it’, says Ricciardo as he cancels rumor of repeat in Sochi


Daniel Ricciardo arrived in Russia after a Grand Prix victory following a triumphant race for McLaren at Monza – in which Lando Norris claimed a brace for the team. And while the two still basked in the glow of this result, neither of them predicted another victory here in Sochi …

Ricciardo won his first Grand Prix since Monaco 2018 with an impeccable performance in Italy, with Norris achieving his career-best result to secure a double for McLaren. For the Australian, who left Red Bull at the end of 2018, there was talk in the pre-Russian GP press conference that his latest victory justified his choice to leave Red Bull – and he was also asked if he thought he might never win a Grand Prix again, especially since he was struggling to level up at Mclaren.

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“I didn’t really think like that, even through the struggles,” Ricciardo said. “I never really got into the ‘is that it?” »Is Monaco the last time I go? I knew I was probably going to have to work a little harder for this sometimes but no… obviously the team too.

“I mean, Monza was, yeah, if you will, it was worth it I guess, but it was just nice, nice to come back up there and do it with another team – there’s definitely a sense of pride in that, in making it work and reaching that next step with another outfit and none other than McLaren, so there are definitely some nice things about it. I like winning, winning, it’s good, so it was good to start over, ”he said.

Daniel Ricciardo: Italian GP victory fills McLaren with “swagger” and “a lot of confidence”

But when asked if he could win here in Sochi after his Italian GP triumph, Ricciardo dismissed the idea.

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“Ah, come on, mate, let’s relax a bit,” he replied, laughing. “We’re just going to keep doing our best. Winning aside I have felt better the last few weekends, felt more comfortable and of course just excited to come run.

Likewise, Norris was not looking for another McLaren victory in Russia – where Mercedes won all the Grands Prix at Sochi Autodrom – the Briton adding that McLaren will always see its performance fluctuate depending on the circuit.

Lando Norris felt like he had “missed something” with P2 at the Italian GP

When asked if McLaren could win here, he replied: “Probably not, but we’ll do our best, we’ll try to maximize everything. There are obviously tracks where we are definitely better and others where we are less good, but there are also always these opportunities that present themselves to us that we are normally good to take advantage of and be in a good position. at the right time, etc.

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“I think we had an amazing weekend at Monza… but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be like this every weekend from now on, we haven’t found anything magical. We just had a better weekend, things turned out a bit better for us, the car suited the track better and that’s how it’s going to be for the rest of the season: a track on which we are going to have more difficulties, but how good or bad we are going to be, I don’t know yet ”, he concluded.

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