National Geographic explorer Enric Sala receives prestigious award from the Oceanographic Institute of Monaco – National Geographic Society Newsroom

The Great Medal of Prince Albert I awarded for the dedication and service of Sala to the ocean

November 22, 2021 — Today, the Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation awarded Enric Sala, National Geographic explorer and founder of Pristine Seas, the Prince Albert I Grand Medal, the highest international distinction dedicated to marine sciences awarded since 1948.

Each year, the Oceanographic Institute, Prince Albert I of Monaco Foundation honors the great names of the marine world who, through their commitment and their work, help promote knowledge, love and protection of the ocean. The Mediation Section award, received by Sala, underlines the commitment of men and women in public life who work in the service of the ocean, not only as scientists but also as leading public figures who act and have made an impact in raising awareness and protecting our ocean.

Sala left academia to found and lead National Geographic Pristine Seas, a project that combines exploration, research, politics and media to inspire leaders of countries to protect the ocean. Together, they helped inspire the creation of 24 marine reserves protecting over 6.5 million square kilometers of ocean. Sala and members of the Pristine Seas team have published over 250 scientific publications, produced 30 films, made 35 expeditions to many of the world’s most remote places, and worked with local communities, indigenous peoples, governments and communities. partners to establish marine protected areas, ensuring the health of our ocean for generations to come.

“This award is an incredible honor. I am deeply grateful to HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and his Foundation for being recognized, and I would like to acknowledge the critical work of the incredible team at Pristine Seas who have worked alongside me for over a decade to study and conserve our ocean. says Enric Sala

Over the next 10 years, Sala and Pristine Seas will continue to work with local communities, governments and partners to establish 40 new marine protected areas and catalyze the global community to protect at least 30 percent of the ocean from here. 2030.

About National Geographic Pristine Seas

National Geographic Pristine Seas is an exploration, research and media project founded and led by National Geographic Explorer in the Enric Sala Residence. The Pristine Seas team is made up of determined scientists, policy experts and filmmakers who work to inspire the creation of protected areas where marine life can thrive, while ensuring effective management for years to come. Pristine Seas helped inspire the creation of 24 marine reserves, totaling over 6.5 million square kilometers. Learn more at

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