“OMG he has a gun”

A Utica man calls it the “worst thing I’ve ever experienced” after police were called while he was working in Blossvale, NY recently.

Bryant Mathis, who is black, says he was conducting a field inspection at a residence in Blossvale last Friday – telling WIBX 950 that he is hired by mortgage companies to photograph properties that may be eligible for the help from FEMA, which have been damaged by a natural disaster, or sometimes just to verify the occupancy of a dwelling.

Mathis said that for this particular job, he was required to provide residents with a document after taking photos. However, when he entered the property to hand over this document, Mathis says he was immediately told to leave and a man who lives there repeatedly called him the “N” word.

From there, it only got worse, Mathis said.

“Then the woman comes out and she starts spitting: I’m going to take your picture,” proclaims Mathis. “I said, ‘Look, I’m just here to try to help you guys.’ Then he comes to me with a pipe.”

Mathis said the husband was trying to spray him with a hose, the wife said she was calling the police and took her phone.

“I was like, ‘I’m fine, I’m still fine, I know I didn’t do anything wrong.’

But, to get a record of his side of the story, Mathis said he started recording from his cell phone.

One of the videos shot by Mathis shows the couple standing on their lawn as he records from the road. As the woman is on the phone – presumably with 9-1-1 – she begins to shout, “Oh my god, he’s coming our way… Oh my god, he’s got a gun.”

Seconds later, the woman mentions a gun again, this time saying, “I think he has a gun.”

Video Warning: Please be advised that this video may contain foul language.

Mathis can be heard on the video mocking what he considered to be fake calls for help and warning them that they had just committed a crime by making a fake emergency call to the police and lying about it. of a firearm.

Speaking to WIBX 950 on Thursday, Mathis said the reality of the situation being made worse by the claim he was armed prompted him to stop recording so he could call his wife.

“I said, see if I don’t come home tonight, that’s where I am.”

Mathis said he didn’t want to leave the area for fear that arriving police would start chasing him – a man they believed might be armed and who was threatening residents.

The 52-year-old shared his thoughts from there.

“I don’t want to pose a threat, I put my phone down. I don’t want to get back in my car. I said [to myself] I’ll just stand here with my hands down,” so there’s no confusion about whether he was holding some kind of weapon when police arrived, he said.

Mathis says at no time was he armed and said arriving New York State troopers never searched his body or vehicle for a weapon. But, after speaking with him and then the couple who called the police, Mathis said some of the questions the Troopers asked intrigued him.

“They asked me, ‘Do you know how old they are?’ They also asked me why I hadn’t left. I went from thinking: I didn’t do anything wrong, I’ll be fine: I just want to go home,” Mathis said. “It was fifty-fifty, I didn’t know what was going to happen .”

Mathis also told WIBX that he asked for a supervisor and the badge numbers and names of soldiers who responded, but said a supervisor never responded and he never received the information. .

After some emotional moments on the radio recounting the experience, Mathis said “It was the worst thing I have ever experienced.”

On Facebook, Mathis slammed law enforcement for not accusing the couple of making a fake 911 call, saying the couple knew full well he was unarmed and didn’t wasn’t there to hurt anyone.

WIBX 950 contacted New York State Police D Troop to comment on the July 8 incident and was told it was an open investigation and police would not be able to to comment for now.

Mathis also told WIBX 950 that he was scheduled to meet with a representative from the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office later in the day Thursday.

Check back with WIBX 950 as we will provide more information on this story as it becomes available.

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