Perez wants Red Bull to ‘use cars in a slightly different way’ to improve performance RaceFans

Sergio Perez wants Red Bull to change the way he runs his car in upcoming races so he can improve his performance.

He started his second season with the team with a bang, scoring his first career pole position at Jeddah’s corniche circuit and winning the Monaco Grand Prix. However, as teammate Max Verstappen improved his performance and comfort in the car as the season progressed, Perez fell further and further back.

“Certainly the car has gotten faster since the start of the season,” he said after yesterday’s race. “But I’m definitely not as comfortable as I was at the start of the season.”

Perez qualified almost eight tenths of a second slower than Verstappen at Spa. Although his team-mate was relegated to 14th on the grid by engine penalties, Perez couldn’t beat him at home after starting second and finished 17.8 seconds behind Verstappen, who took a dominant victory .

Speaking after the race, Perez admitted that his comfort in the car is “something I have to work on, from my side, to make sure we can get the most out of the car.

“Sometimes… things become more natural so you can get the most out of your car. Sometimes you have to work very hard and go very far in the analysis, to ensure that you are able to extract the maximum from it. So it looks like we’re in that window right now.

He believes the key to improving his comfort in the car is changing the way the team sets him up in future races. “I really hope that from this weekend we use the cars in a slightly different way, so that we are able to spot some differences that can bring performance to our side.”

However, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes the difference in performance between his drivers last weekend was due to “Max simply being in a league of his own”.

“He’s excelled here in the past and today he pretty much knocked everything out of the park,” said Horner after yesterday’s race.

“He took a turn in medium [tyres] which remained the fastest lap, despite Charles [Leclerc] have a try at the end on a set of apps. He qualified on pole with two sets of soft tires throughout qualifying and didn’t even do the last run. So it was a huge performance from him this weekend.

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