PR News | Accounts in transit: Weill talks about Turkey

WEILL (Geoffrey Weill Associates) is tab to manage public relations activities for the Turkish Culture and Tourism Authority in the USA. Owner Geoffrey Weill says the venture will focus on “expanding Americans’ knowledge of not just the sights and sights, but also Turkish culture, cuisine, and art.” In response to the pandemic, Turkey has developed its Safe Tourism Certification Program, which defines and applies an extensive set of transport and accommodation measures, as well as tourist and accommodation protection insurance. which covers the costs of an extended stay. in the country if visitors develop COVID during their visit.

Delivery solutions

PR bolt is selected as reference agency for Delivery Solutions, which provides aggregation and orchestration software enabling last mile delivery and fulfillment for omnichannel retail customers. The agency will strive to elevate Delivery Solutions’ thought leadership and brand presence in the retail and technology landscape through media relations, industry events and reward opportunities. “Bolt PR’s understanding of the technology, retail and e-commerce industries, along with their collaborative and creative spirit, make them a strong partner for us,” said Delivery Solutions co-founder Arshaad Mizra.


The Brandman Agency is committed to providing public relations services in the US market for Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo. The agency’s campaign strategy will primarily consist of targeted relationships with media and influencers. Built in 1886, this Belle Époque-style property is less than 100 meters from Monaco‘s luxury shops and Casino Square. “We see ourselves as a palace of today; attracting an elegant, sophisticated, curious, cosmopolitan and discerning clientele, and know that The Brandman Agency will help elevate our profile and continue our legendary history through their proven successes in the luxury hospitality industry,” said the director. general of the hotel, Serge Éthuin.


PR firecracker signs as reference agency for the global clinical trials market Inato and technology data market research provider TEN. For Inato, headquartered in Paris, the agency will create and execute an educational campaign. Firecracker will regularly release research data produced by New York-based ETR to leading journalists.

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