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Nicole Coste, Prince Albert’s ex-girlfriend, laid bare a number of comments about Princess Charlene in a lengthy interview with Paris Match magazine. Ms Coste, who had a five-year relationship with Prince Albert II, shares a son, Alexandre, 18, with the Monegasque monarch.

Opening up to an incident that left her ‘shocked’, Ms Coste claimed that before the royal wedding in 2011, Charlene changed Alexander’s room to take advantage of Albert’s absence.

She said: “In our situation, diplomacy had to prevail. But during the engagement period, I experienced things that alerted and shocked me.

“For example, she changed my son’s room, taking advantage of his father’s absence to move him to the employee wing.

“As a mother, I can’t find words to describe these actions.”

In response to the interview, Prince Albert was reportedly “furious” because he thought his ex-girlfriend was just going to post a picture of their son.

He told Point de Vue: “She had just informed me that she was going to release something, I thought it would just be a birthday photo.”

“It was inappropriate, I was furious to find out.”

During her interview Ms Coste also explained that she was being compared to Princess Charlene who remains in South Africa following a severe sinus infection.

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Nicole Coste also spoke about her son’s relationship with his half-siblings and his father.

“As for Jacques and Gabriella, they are still small; Alexander happily plays with them when he sees them.

She said he got along well with his father: “They get along very well and are very close friends.”

But, “his father being a sovereign prince, certain things are a little out of the ordinary”.

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