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Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella of Monaco are experiencing a new change in education, as revealed by their father in a recent interview with French magazine Paris Match.

After their mother was admitted to a treatment center about three weeks ago, the twins felt their mother’s absence, according to Prince Albert.

This is why it was decided that Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella would be temporarily withdrawn from the school to continue their studies with tutors inside the Prince’s Palace.

Prince Albert was careful to note that the solution is only temporary, however, and as soon as the situation at home is more stable, they will have to return to class.

The ruler also said his children were not too keen on home schooling, as it was reminiscent of the school year they undertook in lockdown between 2020 and 2021.

Additionally, four other children from their group of friends, two boys and two girls, agreed to take classes with them inside the palace, creating a learning bubble that provides both safety and basic interaction. between peers.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella had started the school year in a new school, the private establishment François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré, after one year at La Petite École and two years at Stella. Their first two schools were public establishments.

Princess Charlene left Monaco in mid-May for a trip to South Africa which was only to last ten days. Instead, she was ultimately unable to return home for six months due to health issues, during which her children visited her twice.

She made the return trip to Monaco on November 8, but about a week later she had already left the principality once again to check in at a treatment center which Prince Albert said is not in the country but is close enough that, as soon as they receive the green light from the medical team, he and the children will have little problem visiting him.

It became clear that their mother was missing Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella when, during the traditional appearance on the balcony for the National Day, they both pulled out hand-made signs that read “We t ‘love, mom’ and ‘we miss you, mom’, eliciting applause. a crowd.

The twins will be seven years old on December 10 and, at first glance, it will be another milestone they will celebrate away from their mother.

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