Prince Albert pays tribute to his mother Princess Grace of Monaco on the 40th anniversary of her death

Forty years after his death, Prince Albert is still in awe of his mother Princess Grace of Monaco and her ability to enchant the world.

Forty years after his death, Prince Albert is still in awe of his mother Princess Grace of Monaco and her ability to enchant the world.

The actress-turned-royal died in 1982 aged 52 in a car crash after suffering a stroke. Not only did the Oscar-winning actress capture the world’s attention on screen with her acting talent and legendary good looks, but she also became the living embodiment of many little girls’ fantasies when she married the prince. Rainier of Monaco at a wedding fit for any Disney Princess. in 1956. They would have three children together, Princess CarolinePrince Albert and Princess Stephanie.

Looking back on the four decades since he lost his mother, Albert said People, “It doesn’t seem like 40 years. Several times during a day, a week, not only do I find myself thinking of her, but many people still remind me of her. They remember her and it’s a great tribute to her and who she was, what an exceptional human being she was. The royal continued: “Forty years later, she still captures people’s imaginations. She managed to capture the imagination and attention of several younger generations and few did. It was an incredible gift she had. She had charm and an incredible look. And it’s not just her beauty or the fashion icon she was that draws people in. It’s her warmth, her heart, the humanity that people saw in her that they remember. He concluded: “If I could speak to her I would say I wish she were here to see her grandchildren and how great they are. They are wonderful children.

Prince Albert is the father of two 7-year-old twins, Princess Gabriella and Prince James, with his wife Princess Charlene. The Princess has privately faced a number of health issues over the past two years, however, she was able to attend the Monaco Red Cross Ball in July with her husband by her side to support her throughout the night. In May, Charlene spoke out against tabloids making assumptions about the state of her marriage due to her need to scale back royal duties as she continues to focus on healing. the king said Monaco-Morning at the time, “I still find it regrettable that certain media peddle such rumors about my life, my relationship. Like everyone else, we are human beings and like all human beings we have emotions, weaknesses, only our family is exposed to the media and the slightest weakness is relayed. She added that after spending much of the last year in South Africa due to an ENT infection and then continuing her recovery with four months in Switzerland, “When I came back to the principality, I focused all my energy on my children, my husband and my health because they are my priority. My health is still fragile and I don’t want to go too fast. The road has been long, difficult and so painful.

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