Prince Harry reportedly eager to soften his criticism of the royal family


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Little known fact: Prince Harry’s real name is Henry Charles Albert David. The media dubbed him Harry – and it stuck, perhaps because Henry VIII was called Harry by those who knew him.

And that’s not all: the real name of Prince Henry’s wife is Rachel. Meghan is her middle name.

Henry and Rachel are said to have another fight on their hands – this time with Netflix, which has contracted the pair for $100 million worth of content that has reportedly upset the streaming giant.

It all started with “Pearl,” a Rachel-produced cartoon that Netflix canceled last spring before it even aired.

The dispute is now said to be over the ‘contents of the box’ which Henry wants removed or altered in a bid to soften his criticism of those close to the royals, lest he stop her from attend the coronation of King Charles III on May 6. or lead to the retention of royal titles for his two children.

The Montecito couple’s documentary or reality show built for Netflix by Archewell Productions has now been postponed until next year.


Momus always believed it was true, and now the truth (as alleged) has come out: Arthur Smyth has accused Prince Harry‘s great-uncle, Lord Louis “Dickie” Mountbatten, of abusing him when he was 11 at a children’s home in Kincora, Northern Ireland, where 39 boys were abused and three notorious staff members were subsequently prosecuted and imprisoned.

The High Court in Belfast will hear the case.

Mr Smyth, who has waived his right to anonymity and now resides in Australia, claims he was abused twice in August 1977 by First Lord of the Admiralty Dickie, who was murdered two years later by the Irish Republican Army.

“You don’t forget who assaulted you,” says Smyth. “You block but you don’t forget. I closed it for years. I felt embarrassed by what happened, but now I want peace.

Says author Leonard Downie, who last year published “The Mountbattens: The Lives of Dickie and Edwina,” “I am delighted that Arthur Smyth has gone public. It further confirms the claims of the two victims that I have interviewees who were abused in 1977 and that the child molestation allegations against Mountbatten in FBI files can be taken seriously.

Mr Smyth is seeking damages from various Irish government authorities, including the Department of Health and the Police Service of Northern Ireland, for assault, negligence and misconduct in the performance of public duties.

His lawyer, Kevin Winters, said: ‘By delivering this action, Arthur Smyth has put a marker on the horrific abuse he suffered as a child. He wants to expose what until now has been suspicions and rumors about one of his alleged attackers, the late Lord Louis Mountbatten.

Momus will go one step further and allege that Lord Mountbatten, whose passion was known for being young guards, was compromised by the Soviet KGB and blackmailed into becoming “the sixth man” in a spy ring that included Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Sir Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross.

Dickie was nabbed and his role hushed up, but members of a British Security Service faction were livid and may have had their revenge.

The IRA, which liked to take credit for its many bombings, has always denied smashing Lord Mountbatten aboard his boat in the Irish village of Mullaghmore, County Sligo.


The November issue of Vanity Fair, which has just hit newsstands, reveals that Prince Albert II of Monaco was duped into becoming the patron of an economic forum in Monaco, organized by an Australian scammer named Anthony Ritossa who fraudulently boasted of having a Harvard MBA but who (says Vanity Fair) “is a Wall Street washout, a deadbeat dad and a crook, repeatedly imprisoned by European authorities.”

Did no one in the Palace of Monaco vet such dubious figures before granting royal patronage – or did someone inside the royal palace pay to deceive the hapless prince?

As Ian Brodie summed it up in Monaco Daily News, “Those in Monaco who promoted Ritossa have enough eggs on their face to make an omelet.”


When Jefferey Epstein’s comrade-in-arms Ghislaine Maxwell (daughter of Bouncing Czech, Robert Maxwell) gave her first interview from prison calling Prince Andrew a “dear friend” and also citing his “special friendship” with the Former US President Bill Clinton, no one but Momus seems to understand her subtle message to them both: “Time to get me out of here, old pals!” (Or else…).”


It turns out that Rick Caruso, the owner of the Rosewood Miramar Hotel in Montecito, who has now spent more than $80 million of his own money to become mayor of Los Angeles, is not white.

At least that’s what he told a Telemundo interviewer when the reporter said, “And this question is about you both. The next mayor of Los Angeles will be either an African-American woman or a white man. (Which isn’t even a question.)

To which Mr. Caruso replied: “I am Italian”, adding: “It is Latin.

So, according to Mr. Caruso’s thinking, he is not white but Latino.

However, according to Britannica, “Latin does not include speakers of Romance languages ​​from Europe, such as Italians or Spanish.”

And the National Association of Scholars agrees: “Latino is someone of Hispanic race, Italians are not and never have been Latinos.”

Which makes Mr. Caruso confused or wrong.


Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Twitter: “The success and future of this city is personal to me. This is why I am a candidate for re-election. »

If Chicago’s success is important to you, Lori, shouldn’t you run for re-election?

I’m just saying.

Santa Barbara actor Billy Baldwin tweets: “Want to end abortion? Threatening to sterilize or imprison the men responsible for all these unwanted pregnancies.

Well, Billy, assuming such men would get a fair trial (unless you invoke Gestapo tactics), the courts would be clogged worse than an artery after three double cheeseburgers washed down by that many milkshakes and a cheese plate for dessert.

Former President Donald Trump to Fox News’ Sean Hannity on documents removed by FBI from Mar-a-Lago: ‘When I left the White House, they were declassified.’

Good news Donald. Uh, if they’re declassified, can we see them?

Speaker Nancy Pelosi tweets: “Republicans have endless black money – but Democrats have people.”

Hmm. Don’t you mean, Nancy, it’s the Pelosi family that’s got endless black money (from current commerce) – but the Democrats have young liberals not mature enough to understand that money doesn’t not grow on trees despite the US Treasury’s propensity to print greenbacks based on nothing intrinsic but giving them (in exchange for votes) to young adults who would rather not work, which partly explains massive inflation ?

Thank you, Nancy, but when Momus wants to whine, Momus uncorks a bottle…

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