Princess Alexandra’s sapphire engagement ring winks at Princess Anne

Princess Alexandra, the Honorable Lady Ogilvy, 85, is the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth, 95. At the time of her birth she was sixth in line to the British throne and as of March 2022 she is 57th. Alexandra is the widow of businessman Sir Angus Ogilvy, to whom she was married from 1963 until his death in 2004.

But what did her engagement ring look like?

The Honorable Lady Ogilvy became engaged in 1962.

Alexandra wears a fairly rare engagement ring, but it’s remarkably similar to another member of the royal family.

This member of the royal family is Princess Anne, who has been married twice.

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Sapphire engagement rings are a popular choice among the royal family.

Not only does Kate Middleton wear Princess Diana’s sapphire ring, but Princess Alexandra also has a stunning blue ring.

The Queen’s cousin announced her engagement to Sir Angus Ogilvy on November 19, 1962.

She was pictured wearing an oval sapphire flanked by two diamonds.


However, it appears to have since been changed to a large band of gold without the diamonds.

Not just any blue stone, Alexandra’s ring features a giant cabochon sapphire.

This is considered to be one of the oldest gemstone cuts and gives a smooth, rounded domed finish that shows off the blue color.

Similarly, Princess Anne’s engagement ring from her second husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, also has a large oval sapphire gem set in a cabochon setting in the center.

It’s comparable to Princess Alexandra’s ring, in that it’s flanked by a trio of shimmering gemstones on either side.

Although the design is eye-catching, the size is more modest and therefore in no way ostentatious or overbearing.

The Princess Royal wears her precious ring alongside her simplistic gold wedding band, which is said to be Welsh gold, like most royal wedding rings.

Interestingly, the Queen’s only daughter actually acted as Alexandra’s bridesmaid in 1963.

The royal married husband Sir Angus Ogilvy in a breathtaking ceremony at Westminster Abbey in front of royals including the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret.

The photos show a gorgeous young Princess Anne in her simple bridesmaid dress that featured short sleeves and a bow at the waist, paired with a white headpiece that wrapped around her sleek bun.

Meanwhile, Princess Alexandra looked a stunning bride in a dress designed by John Cavanagh which featured a high neck and pretty lace, shipped from France.

In a photograph of Anne and Alexandra, the couple admired a gold bracelet given to the bride as a gift.

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