Princess Charlene braces for possible Monaco return as she continues to recover from mysterious illness – Royal Central

It has been reported that Princess Charlene could return to Monaco in a few weeks to attend the celebrations of Sainte-Dévote – the patron saint of the Principality.

The relationship between the Princely Family of Monaco and Sainte Dévote is both ancient and strong, it is one of the most important events in Princess Charlene’s calendar.

Each year, members of the Princely Family participate in the festivities in memory of their Patron Saint.

Some royal commentators have suggested that if she feels good enough, Her Highness Serine could return to Monaco for the celebrations she cares about so much.

The festivities were one of the very few public events Charlene attended alongside her family in the past year.

Last year, Charlene was grounded in her native South Africa from May to November after becoming critically ill with an infection in her ears, nose and throat. She needed several surgeries to treat the illness and was eventually allowed to return to Monaco in November.

However, a few days after returning to the country, she was transferred to an undisclosed location to continue her recovery.

The last official update from the Prince’s Palace in December was that its recovery is “encouraging” and will take a few more months.

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