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Princess Charlene promotes charity for her children

A beautiful young woman marries in a former blue-blooded institution, struggles to adjust to the suffocation of royal life, and lives miserably forever. Princess Charlene appears to have become the last protagonist of the dramatic plot. In recent months, the Monegasque royal has apparently followed in her stepmother’s footsteps as Hollywood star Grace Kelly and Charlene have often been compared to each other. Expert Joel Stratte-McClure said: “Grace had terrible depression during their first years of marriage, much like what is happening with Charlene today.

“She was very unhappy.”

As the layers unfold with the drama surrounding Princess Charlene, the more bizarre the story gets.

South African media have speculated that the royal is funded by ex-billionaire Naomi Campbell and that she may be living in a modest two-bedroom apartment above a former chocolate factory.

Experts have linked the recent health crisis and Charlene’s absence from Monaco to the Grimaldi curse.

According to legend, Sovereign Prince Rainier I kidnapped a beautiful Flemish maiden in the 13th century and was, in turn, cursed by the Rainier lineage. “A Grimaldi will never find happiness in marriage,” she reportedly said.

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Charlene’s prolonged absence sparked rumors (Image: Getty)

Prince Albert insisted Charlene's absence is not an absence due to relationship issues

Prince Albert insisted Charlene’s absence is not an absence due to relationship issues (Image: Getty)

Since then, the private life of the Monaco Royal Family has been draped in divorce, infidelity and tragedy, and in recent weeks the drama unfolding with Princess Charlene has mirrored the misadventures of those who have seen her. have preceded.

A senior Monaco detective told the Daily Mail. “Charlene had her passport confiscated so that those around the prince could persuade her to stay.”

Earlier allegations of the rot began early in their relationship with Prince Albert, and weeks before the couple tied the knot in a ceremony estimated at £ 53million, it was reported that Charlene had attempted to flee Monaco because of the cold feet.

Shortly before the wedding, Prince Albert was proven to be the father of an illegitimate second child after starting a relationship with Charlene.

Princess Charlene “took more than she can handle”, expert says

charlene de monaco prince albert wedding

Charlene and Prince Albert were married in 2010 at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco (Image: GETTY)

Despite the discovery, Charlene returned to the palace and plans for the royal wedding continued.

On the fateful day Charlene walked down the aisle, she would have become her own something blue.

The groom, twenty years his senior, was aware of his devastation, and it was alleged that when Charlene approached him, Prince Albert begged in a whisper, “Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Charlene herself said: “It was all so overwhelming and there were all mixed emotions because of the speculation.

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princess gabriella prince jacques monaco charlene albert

Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques pictured earlier this year (Image: GETTY)

“Obviously all this tension built up and I burst into tears[immediatelyaftertheceremony[immediatelyaftertheceremony[immédiatementaprèslacérémonie[immediatelyaftertheceremony

“And then I burst into tears again because I was like, ‘Oh no, now the whole world has seen me cry’.”

In May of this year, Princess Charlene traveled to her home country of South Africa to support anti-poaching charities.

The trip was supposed to be quick and easy, ten days maximum, but the people of Monaco became concerned when the princess did not return.

The palace came out and said she was suffering from a severe infection of her ears, nose and throat requiring “procedures” that would keep her there “indefinitely”.


Princess Charlene of Monaco “encouraged” too much, expert says

The unspecified infection then led to multiple surgeries which kept Charlene “grounded” in South Africa as she was unable to fly.

Throughout the saga, the Palace has given sporadic updates with little useful information for Princess Charlene to finally return to Monaco after a six-month absence in November, but after a few days and canceled engagements, Charlene sought further treatment “outside Monaco” because “it became quite obvious that she was not doing well.”

But the Grimaldis’ refusal to be transparent about Charlene’s health could be a big mistake, a European monarchy expert said when discussing general sentiment in Monaco.

Maddalena Mastrostefano declared: “Her prolonged absence and her absence from these important commitments for the Monegasque population will create tension in her relations with the Monegasques.

She added that “the many interviews Prince Albert has given are probably due to the people of Monaco starting to say, ‘Hey, we’re paying him a salary, we’re expecting something in return’, which in the case of members of the royal family, is a representation, the image of the country being protected elsewhere.

princess charlene jacques gabriella christmas

Princess Charlene will reunite with Jacques and Gabriella at Christmas (Image: GETTY)

Earlier this month, the British people were outraged by Buckingham Palace’s twenty-four hour delay in announcing that the 95-year-old Queen had spent a night in a London hospital – a complete change from the Monaco’s handling of Princess Charlene’s health problems. .

Buckingham Palace quickly learned of their misstep and gave the British public a clear glimpse into the Queen’s condition when a sprained back prevented her from attending the Remembrance Sunday service in London.

The monarch holds the event in high regard and only missed it due to pregnancy or a visit abroad.

Prince Albert’s constant insistence that Charlene’s absence has nothing to do with their marriage has had the opposite effect, and patience is running out with the Monegasque people.

Ms Mastrostefano also told that the people of Monaco are really starting to resent the institution because not only is the taxpayer-funded princess not fulfilling her duties, but everyone else in House Grimaldi have mobilized to perform functions traditionally associated with the Grand Lady of Monaco.

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