Princess Charlene net worth: Royal’s eye-watering fortune after £53m marriage

Princess Charlene is a former South African Olympic swimmer who joined the royal house of Grimaldi in 2011 when she married Prince Albert II.

Prince Albert II is one of the richest royals with a net worth of $1bn (£745m).

In addition to his fortune, the royal also owns land and properties in Monaco and France.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Princess Charlene‘s fortune is valued at $150 million.

That translates to £112million.

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But how did she manage to earn so much money?

Although Princess Charlene has made a small fortune as a professional athlete and through her career as an Olympic swimmer, the bulk of her fortune is attributed to her role in the Royal Family of Monaco.

The couple tied the knot in 2011 in a glamorous three-day event that reportedly cost $70 million.

That would be around £53m.


However, it is unclear whether or not Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II have a prenuptial agreement.

Rumors have followed the royal couple for the past few years, particularly after Charlene spent an extended period in South Africa last year while receiving treatment for an infection.

The royal has spent months away from her family.

However, at the end of 2021, she returns to Monaco with her husband and children.

A royal source at the time said: ‘Charlene will provide an heir and then if things don’t go well she will receive a generous divorce settlement once she has served a decent amount of time.

Monaco, nicknamed the “Billionaires’ playground”, is a very wealthy country and most of its population is extremely wealthy.

It is reported that over 30% of the population of Monaco has a net worth of over $1 million, or around £746,000.

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