Princess Charlene of Monaco is finally about to return home


Although Princess Charlene of Monaco, is married to the current head of the principality, Prince Albert II, she has spent the last six months living in South Africa, where she was raised. In May, she boarded a flight for a short trip planned to promote wildlife conservation, before falling ill. Although her absence initially sparked speculation about a potential misfortune between the couple, in recent months Charlene has revealed that a series of surgical complications left her in pain and unable to fly.

After a handful of surgeries, Charlene is expected to return to Monaco soon. On Friday, a palace spokesperson said People that Charlene had been operated on under general anesthesia, but it would be her last operation before returning to the small territory of the French coast. In a radio interview earlier this week, Albert said she was delighted to be returning to Europe and explained why her return is taking so long. “She’s better,” he said. “It was also complicated for her because different issues affected her.”

In a July interview with South African news outlet News24, Charlene detailed the complications that continued to keep her away from home. In early May, while still in Europe, she underwent a sinus lift and bone graft to prepare for dental implants, and began to suffer from an infection upon arriving in South Africa in mid- may. In June, she was experiencing pain in her ears and said she no longer had the ability to “equalize” the pressure in the inner ear, preventing a patient from flying. She underwent corrective surgeries for the problem in June and August and was hospitalized for further complications in September.

Charlene and Albert are the parents of six-year-old twins Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques, and in August the family was reunited in South Africa. While Albert, Gabriella and Jacques were visiting, Charlene posted photos of the family at a safari resort in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region.

Still, Prince Albert‘s scandalous story has meant tabloids have speculated on his prolonged absence. In a report released earlier this month, City Country exposed the case that his absence from Monaco could be more complicated than it appears. Amid a legal battle with a woman who claims she had a child with Albert before her marriage, Charlene appeared at a charity dinner in December 2020 with a surprising new haircut. But in January 2021, Charlene said that everything was going well with her marriage.

In June, Charlene said People that the support of her family was helping her through the ordeal, even though she was sad to miss her 10th wedding anniversary on July 1. “My daily conversations with Albert and my kids help me a lot to keep my spirits up, but their presence a lot,” she said in a statement. “I can’t wait for us to be together.”

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