Princess Charlene raises concerns with latest photos of Princess Gabriella


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Princess Charlene aroused concern among his followers when his latest photos of twins Jacques and Gabriella showed the young princess injured in the leg.

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Gabriella appears to have contracted the injury over the past few days, although the palace has not made an official comment.

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The royal twins were attending the International Monaco Dog Show with their aunt, Princess Caroline, and some of their cousins.

During the event, Gabriella was pictured in a wheelchair with her leg all made up in a cast as she was pushed around by her aunt and twin brother.

However, Charlene did not mention it in her caption, as she wrote: “Spending time with their Aunt HRH Princess Caroline and their cousins ​​at the annual dog show …

Gabriella injured her leg

A worried fan asked: “What happened to the little girl?“Another commented:”Too bad, what happened to little Bella’s leg?

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A follower sent warm wishes to Gabriella, saying, “OH MY! Gabriella is in a cast in a wheelchair … has she had a fall? Sending her best wishes for her speedy recovery so she can let off steam and play again whenever she is healed!

While it is a mystery how the six-year-old injured himself, one person speculated: “It’s a little child, it happens. Kids always broke things growing up, heal my cutie soon.

But overall, it looks like the royals had fun, as they got up close and personal with a few adorable doggies.


Charlene shares Jacques and Gabriella with her husband Prince Albert

Charlene was recently hospitalized after suffering a collapse, and earlier this week, she returned to social media to promote the charity initiative led by its Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, #ChasingZero, which aims to stop the poaching of wild animals.

The surprise post featured striking photographs and a link to the charity’s website.

Both black and white portraits featured Charlene in fierce jet black eye makeup. The first image was etched in contrasting blood red writing for impact, with the message: “The rhino horn is NOT cool!”

For the second image, the royal reposted a photo shared last month on her Instagram page, where she is pointing and staring intently at the camera lens with her piercing blue eyes.

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