Princess Charlene reveals the cause of her illness that kept her in South Africa


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Princess Charlene has spent the last few months in South Africa, having has had an ear, nose, throat (ENT) infection which left her unable to travel.

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In a new interview with the South African channel News24, the royal Monegasque revealed that the infection started after she had a sinus lift and a bone graft Before the journey.

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A sinus lift is an operation that may be recommended by dentists if you need a dental implant, but don’t have the jaw space to accommodate it.

She admitted that she didn’t realize she had the infection until she saw a specialist after her ears became incredibly sore.

Charlene also revealed that the reason she cannot return home to Monaco is because the pressure in her ear will not “equalize,” meaning she is unable to fly above 20,000 feet.

She also spoke of faded away “[her] husband, [her] babies, and [her] doggies “, but luckily the family are planning to catch a plane and visit him, but the trip requires careful planning due to COVD restrictions.

Due to the infection, Charlene was forced to miss her tenth birthday with her husband Prince Albert, and in a separate interview with Canal24, she admitted the the time was very “exhausting” for her.

Albert is my rock and my strength and without his love and support I would not have been able to get through this painful time,” she said.


Family plans trip to reunite with Princess Charlene

As Prince Albert and Princess Charlene celebrated their wedding anniversary on July 2, the Palace of Monaco released a series of videos to mark key moments in the couple’s relationship.

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On the same day, Charlene shared images from their lavish 2011 wedding on Instagram, along with other highlights including the birth of their children and their charity work.

In caption, the princess wrote: “To all our families, friends and relatives. Thank you for your love and support, and for the generosity we have received during this decade of our marriage.

“With gratitude we can continue our work through our foundations. Thank you for the anniversary gifts, for your generosity and your trust. With all our love and respect. Thank you.”

The princess rrecently shared his first photos ever since she fell ill and seen making blankets for a nursery next to her house.


The royal opened up about the disappearance of her twin children

She also had a video call with her two children, Jacques and Gabrielle, both aged six, who are at their home in Monaco. While she’s delighted to see her children, the royal looked a bit nostalgic in the photos.

The photos also provided a glimpse of the luxurious house she is staying in, which had a large oak table that was perfect for sewing the blankets.

“Spending time with Jacqui and Bella, making blankets for the nursery next door,” she wrote. “Wish me good luck.”

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