Princess excluded from Monaco succession due to paternity secret dispute


Grace Kelly’s granddaughter has been excluded from succession in Monaco after a paternity dispute, according to reports.

The Oscar-winning actress joined the royal family when she married Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, who enjoyed one of the longest reigns in European history.

But in 1982, she died suddenly in a car accident with her youngest daughter, Princess Stephanie, in the vehicle.

Tragedy played out in the “Curse of the Grimaldi” – a national myth that Rainier’s family was cast under a spell by a witch in the 13th century.

“Never a Grimaldi will find happiness in marriage”, she would have declared, according to the story which will be explored in a documentary of Channel 5 this weekend, “The curse of the children of Grace Kelly“.

Although the legend is no longer taken so seriously, the family continued to suffer countless marital woes, sudden divorces and tragic deaths.

Princess Stéphanie, currently 14th to the throne, has grown up to begin a secret relationship with her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet.

Grace Kelly’s tragic death played a role in a national myth that the royals were cursed with bad luck

She gave birth to their two children, Louis and Pauline, in 1992 and 1994. When the couple finally married in 1995, their son and daughter were added to the line of succession.

But they divorced a year later and Stéphanie welcomed a third child, Camille Gottlieb, in 1998.

Camille’s father’s name was not on her birth certificate, sparking speculation the birth was the result of a secret affair.

Camille herself put an end to the rumors by sharing a heartwarming photo confirming who her father was on Instagram.

camille stephanie
Camille has spoken publicly about the importance of her mother, Princess Stephanie, to her

The photo shows her as a baby held by a man – Jean Raymond Gottlieb, a former palace bodyguard.

It was not the first time that an illegitimate child had arisen in the Monegasque royal family – there has been at least one per generation for a century.

Many have obtained inheritance rights later in life through adoption or legitimation.

But it was Camille’s own grandfather – Rainier himself – who introduced new laws that made it impossible to obtain rights in this way.

The 2002 constitutional change restricts succession to a straightforward and legitimate matter.

Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly divorced before dying in car crash
Prince Rainier and Princess Grace at a grand ball at the Monte-Carlo casino, 1968

The various paternity secrets that made headlines and beset the family have been a source of ill will in the past.

But although she is not in line with the throne, Camille has always spoken warmly about both of her parents.

Camille explains: “My father is my right lung, my mother is my left lung.

“Without them, I couldn’t live.

“They didn’t stay together very long, but they always said to me, ‘We wanted you and our happiness is that you are here.’

“I’m really lucky. I wouldn’t trade my family for another, for the world.

She also revealed that she is close to her half-siblings.

Louis Ducruet, Pauline Ducruet, Princess Stéphanie, <a class=Prince Albert II and Camille Gottlieb at the International Circus Festival on January 21, 2020″ content=””/>
Louis Ducruet, Pauline Ducruet, Princess Stéphanie, Prince Albert II and Camille Gottlieb at the International Circus Festival on January 21, 2020

Camille declared: “Between us, we call ourselves the ‘Three Musketeers’.

Speaking to French media Point de Vue, she continued: “With Pauline, we don’t need to phone or send messages to know that everything is fine.

“Louis is very protective of the three of us, he is the most serious, the wisest. My sister is more rock, perhaps more rebellious.

Princess Grace died in 1982
Princess Grace died in 1982

Stephanie is also unlikely to inherit the throne, as the younger brother of the current monarch, Prince Albert II and Princess Caroline.

Albert has an illegitimate child born in 2003.

He also has two legitimate twins – Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, Countess of Carlades – who were born in 2014 to Albert’s wife, Princess Charlene.

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