Rafael Nadal spotted with Nico Rosberg and the Prince of Monaco during a starred boat show


Rafael Nadal recently attended the Monaco Yacht Show presented by Sunreef Yachts, and he apparently had a great time. Images and footage from the event were posted on social media, showing the Spaniard meeting figures like 2016 Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg as well as the Prince of Monaco.

Rafael Nadal is currently spending time away from the tennis court. The 35-year-old worsened a chronic foot injury during his Roland Garros semi-final against Novak Djokovic a few months ago. Although Nadal returned to Washington, he ended up calling the time for his 2021 season just before the start of the US Open.

Rafael Nadal received medical treatment for his foot injury a few days ago and will likely return to training in a few weeks. But he decided to go to Monaco at the beginning of the week in order to break the monotony of his period of convalescence.

The Spaniard was among the famous guests who attended the Monaco Yacht Show. Nadal exhibited his own Sunreef boat at the event, which aims to provide a platform for the world’s top yacht designers.

During the show, Nico Rosberg, another boat enthusiast, was invited by Rafael Nadal on board his yacht Sunreef 80 Power Catamaran Great White. Rosberg then proceeded to record the interior design of the boat while conversing with Nadal.

Nico Rosberg started the video by revealing to his fans that he had the opportunity to take a tour of Rafael Nadal’s boat, which the Spaniard bought in 2020. Nadal replied that he was happy to be in company of the German, before expressing his joy at attending the annual boat show.

Nico Rosberg also compared the fanfare the Monaco Yacht Show received to the Monte Carlo Masters, a tennis tournament where Rafael Nadal triumphed 11 times. The former runner then uploaded the video to his Instagram Stories.

Rosberg later took to his Twitter account as well, thanking Nadal for the “nice conversations” the two had.

Rafael Nadal for his part published a post on Instagram indicating that he liked to chat with Nico Rosberg.

“A great time today with Nico Rosberg, nice to meet you and have a good conversation,” Rafael Nadal wrote on Instagram.

Sunreef Yachts says it was a great honor for their team to attend Rafael Nadal’s meeting with the Prince of Monaco

Rafael Nadal also met Prince Albert II of Monaco during the show. Sunreef Yachts then took to their Instagram account to talk about the couple’s chance meeting, posting a story with the following caption:

“HSH Prince Albert II meets Sunreef Ambassador Rafael Nadal at the Monaco Yacht Show. A great honor for the entire Sunreef Yachts team!

Sunreef Yachts was delighted to see Rafael Nadal collide with the Prince of Monaco
Sunreef Yachts was delighted to see Rafael Nadal collide with the Prince of Monaco

Note that if Rafael Nadal had never met Nico Rosberg before the boat show, he had the privilege of exchanging jokes with the Prince in the past. Prince Albert II has seen Nadal win the title in Monte Carlo on several occasions, and last year he even invited the Spaniard to the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.

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