Review of the curse on the Monegasque royal family


The curse appeared to strike again when Charlene failed to catch her flight home in May 2021 after what was supposed to be a short trip to South Africa to promote animal conservation.

She then spent more than half the year separated from her 7-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella as she recovered from a “serious sinus infection” which left her unable to fly.

Just days after the frail princess returned home in November, Charlene ran away again, this time to a private clinic in Switzerland.

“[She] was overwhelmed and couldn’t cope with homework, life in general, or even family life,” Albert said. “She realized she needed treatment.”

Charlene, her husband Albert and their children


The moment of Charlene’s ailments was met with suspicion after it coincided with legal proceedings against Albert. The Monaco leader, 64, was slapped with a paternity suit in December 2020 by a Brazilian woman who claims to have fathered her 16-year-old daughter while dating Charlene.

The legal battle is just the latest episode in the couple’s real-life soap opera drama. Their marriage got off to a rocky start in 2011 when Charlene sobbed as she walked down the aisle, with Albert pleading with her, “Don’t cry.”

The emotional scenes followed reports that the Olympic swimmer, 44, had been caught fleeing Monaco three times in the days before her wedding, after reports of Albert’s infidelity.

On the rare occasions Charlene has made an appearance in Monaco in the decade since the wedding, her tragic behavior has earned her the nickname “the sad princess”.

“People are really quick to say, ‘Oh, why isn’t she smiling in the photos?'” Charlene admitted. “Well, sometimes it’s hard to smile. They don’t know what’s going on in the background.

Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly


When screen queen Grace Kelly abandoned her Hollywood career and headed to the sunny French Riviera principality in 1956 to marry Albert’s father, Prince Rainier III, many thought bad luck Grimaldi was finally over.

The former actress seemed to embrace royal life with ease and the couple welcomed three children: Albert and daughters Caroline and Stephanie.

But their romance ended prematurely in 1982, when Grace was killed in a car crash aged 52 after driving off the side of a mountain while taking Stephanie on a train.

Grace and Rainier’s romance is often dismissed as a modern day fairy tale, but the reality wasn’t so rosy. Biographer Wendy Leigh alleges Rainier took on at least three mistresses within a month of the wedding.

Grace, unsurprisingly, felt “humiliated.”

“The idea of ​​my life as a fairy tale is itself a fairy tale,” she admitted during her short life.

Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly and their children


His daughters did not fare well in matters of the heart either. Princess Caroline, 65, walked down the aisle three times. Her union in 1978 with Parisian banker Philippe Junot only lasted two years.

She was widowed in her second marriage, when the ‘love of her life’ Stefano Casiraghi was killed aged 30 in a speedboat crash while defending his World Motorboat Championship title in 1990.

Today, she is only married on paper to her third husband, Prince Ernst August. Caroline has been estranged from the 68-year-old Hanoverian prince since 2009 after he was fined for causing bodily harm to a hotel manager during a fight over the noise of a nightclub.

The Princess of Monaco


Her little sister Stephanie, 57, caused a huge scandal when the unmarried princess became pregnant with bodyguard Daniel Ducruet in 1992.

The couple had two children when they married in 1995, but divorced 14 months later – after they were photographed on a naked poolside date with a topless model. Stephanie’s father had her banned from Monaco!

Running away to join the circus didn’t work out well for Stephanie either. Her next two romances – with an acrobat and an elephant trainer – didn’t even last two years. She has a pragmatic explanation for her short unions: “I may be a princess, but first and foremost I’m a human being.”

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