Ricciardo’s comeback makes the “shitty days worth it”


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Daniel Ricciardo said his victory in the Italian Grand Prix “means everything” after a difficult start to life with McLaren.

Ricciardo ended a 67-race wait for victory at Monza on Sunday, with his previous victory over three years ago at the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix when he was driving for Red Bull.

Leading his teammate Lando Norris, the Australian spearheaded McLaren’s first double since the 2010 Canadian GP, ​​a year before Ricciardo made his F1 debut.

Reflecting on the scale of his achievement, especially given the problems he has faced since joining McLaren from Renault earlier this year, the 32-year-old said: “It means everything.

“I really try not to make or dictate the happiness of my life around sports because it’s been three and a half years since I won, so I would be pretty miserable most of the time if I based my happiness on winning shopping.

“Through it all, a lot has happened since Monaco 2018, so to be back in that moment, that’s why we love the sport. It makes all those shitty days worth it. that simple. “

Speaking shortly after the eighth win of his F1 career, Ricciardo added: “There is a high point you are getting from this moment right now.

“I’ll probably watch this interview in a few days and I’ll be like ‘Oh, did I really say that?’ I’m still floating right now, to be honest.

“That’s what he does and that’s what makes you back down. It’s wild.”

Ricciardo never lost his faith

The third, Valtteri Bottas, stepped on the podium after Sergio Perez was given a time penalty, suggested that the high sensation Ricciardo was feeling was due to the consumption of sparkling wine from the podium.

After performing his signature “shoey”, Ricciardo joked, “Ha! Valtteri thinks that’s the bubbly. There’s probably a bit of it.

“It’s just wild but I certainly… There have been lows this year but deep down I never lost faith or belief.

“I think I also just needed to take a step back and I think that’s where having some free time in August helped me. I really think it helped get into that position. . “

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