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Royal writers Richard Aldrich and Rory Cormac claimed police intelligence had learned of the plot from University of Manchester students “almost worthy of professional kidnappers”.

In an excerpt from the book, the authors claimed that when Charles was studying at Cambridge, his Special Branch guards would follow him in a “rather battered Land Rover at a respectful distance.”

Posted on Mail Online, the authors wrote: “But their biggest worry was young women, and this became a particular problem during Rag Week 1968 – an annual and lawless event where students dressed up in clothes. ridiculous and played pranks to raise money for charity.

“According to Michael Varney, the prince’s personal bodyguard, the events” came a hair’s breadth “from the disaster.

“Varney learned from Police Intelligence that a group of University of Manchester college girls, ‘all liberating women of the most strident gender’, were planning to raid Trinity, kidnap Charles and to ransom him.

“Worse yet, ‘a fifth column’ had existed inside Cambridge ever since the Manchester team had enthusiastic and willing accomplices of the women of Girton College.

“Together, they were keen to get ‘their shot’ without ‘any male help whatsoever’.”

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