See photos of Princess Charlene, Prince Albert and their twins at the 2022 Monaco Picnic

The U Cavagnëtu, better known around the world than the Monaco Picnic, has been an annual event for the Monegasque royal family since the 1930s. Over the weekend, it made its triumphant return to Princess Antoinette Park after two years of pandemic interruption. Recognized as a fun family day out for Monegasque citizens, the Monaco Picnic is filled with folk dances, local dishes and hosts a garden party.

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To mark the occasion, Prince Albert, his wife Princess Charlene and their children Princess Gabriella and Prince Jacques stepped out in the summer to mingle with the people.

Charlene wore an all-white ensemble, complete with a high-necked, sleeveless lace tunic and flowing white trousers by South African designer Terence Bray, while Albert wore a simple combo of khakis and a blue blazer. The twins, who have been attending the event since they were just 8 months old, twinned (of course) in blue flowers – a Jacadi dress for Gabriella and a matching shirt for Jacques.

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traditional monegasque picnic at princess antoinette park

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traditional monegasque picnic at princess antoinette park

Swimming pool SC – Corbis//Getty Images

“It’s a fun event, a really beautiful time of year,” Albert told People. “It’s just a great setting, very informal. The mass, which opens it, is a bit formal, but then it turns into a picnic and there’s a little cocktail vibe. It’s just wonderful to be able to walk around and have ‘tell me about your summer conversations’ with people you know.”

He added: “Although the kids don’t understand the full meaning of it yet, they still had a great time because they’re usually just running around and playing with other kids. … People really want to start over to have a good time. To be able to chat with friends, have a good meal and have a good drink. We have seen it with the return of visitors to Monaco this summer.”

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